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  1. I'm ashamed to admit that the award for most food miles in a breakfast goes to me. Sparra grass was from feckin' Mexico!
  2. Thirty odd year ago, my then, Girlfriend passed her driving test. Her Dad went down to the petrol station with her and filled her car up with 4 star and gave her some advice " never let the tank get lower than 3/4 full. Just keep it topped up 'cause it may get you out the sh1t one day" If she stuck to his advice I bet she wasn't in Tesco last night trying to fill up.
  3. That must be a fluff chucker's lunch, my last fishing lunch as a kid thirty-five year ago consisted of luncheon meat, sweetcorn and bread.
  4. Got to confess I've been a bit late to the party as far as this little gem is concerned. I'm not what you'd call a fisherman, so even though it's been on the radar I've not actually watched it until the last couple of weeks (now watched EVERY episode on Iplayer). Not really a fishing program in the sense of Wilson or Hayes, but I probably wouldn't of watched it if it was. Bob Mortimer's childlike excitement when he gets a take or they land a fish is fantastic, the humour, the conversation, the appreciation of their quarry, the despondency when they loose one and some lovely filming make it a
  5. Does your Father-in-law feed a mix with a lot of fattening seeds like hemp and sunflower? Sometimes over fat birds get a bit gaspy and struggle to breath normally. I stopped feeding proprietary Bullfinch seed mixes and just fed a plain canary mix and LOTS of wildfood. The other thing it might be Aspergillosis, a fungal infection that birds seem to be susceptible to when under stress. Best of luck with it. My favourite British to keep were the Bullies, cracking birds.
  6. Timed it perfect Terry, they were at the stage where they fell of in your hand without being squishy, and they taste amazing.
  7. I've got to be honest, I only asked 'cause I didn't fancy some shit with cream or wine in it that the Mrs would of cooked . I'm no Chef, I just follow the recipe and that doesn't always go to plan. The secret is to only post the better attempts on here!
  8. Needed a couple lb of Blackberries for a crumble. I know a little spot, off the beaten track, overgrown and sheltered, a cracking place for Blackberries, Sloes and Hazel nuts (if you can get 'em before the bloody squirrels). Well this year there seems to be a poor show of Sloes, but there were heaps of Blackberries. We did this lot in about half hour.
  9. Don't you just hate when you ask "what you want for tea?" and you get three answers? Anyway, ended up cooking Salmon fishcakes with a soy, sesame and hoisin sauce for me and the daughter.... whilst the Mrs insisted on roasted cherry tomatoes, bacon and what I grew up knowing as Gypsy fried bread (French toast/eggy bread) with a drizzle of maple syrup...
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