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  1. I don't really have a preference. I worry more about if the catty feels right in the hand than the band attachment, although I do have to be careful with clips because by nature I'm one of those people who has to give every screw, bolt, nut etc that extra turn "just to make sure". This winter I received a "kiss" off some 25-20 0.8 Sheshou that on inspection was found to have torn at the edge of the clip, probably through my over tightening. I didn't mind the slap across the chops, but I'm sure that fu*#ing squirrel was laughing at me!
  2. The wife asked me to get her a large Gin tonight....... ..... not sure this was what she meant
  3. KD, I've seen those hacksaw teeth on two traps before, both of which I have down the shed. One is a 3" Gin trap, the other, interestingly, a pole trap (well it's circular!) Here's the Gin. I'll drag out the pole trap tomorrow and show you.
  4. Don't know if it's a breed thing, but the Scotty dog my mates Mum had had the biggest eye teeth I've ever seen in a dog that size. The dog was called Dougie, but us kids called him Fang!
  5. Now see, that really appeals to me. That is the very essence of what fishing should be...simple and fun. As kids we spent hours on the little stone bridge down the road catching Minnows with nothing more than a jam jar, couple yard of string and half a loaf of bread "borrowed" from the kitchen. Sit on bridge, tie string to neck of jar, put a bit of bread in jar, lower jar into water slowly to fill, gently swing jar in under bridge and lie on stomach, watching, waiting for greedy/curious Minnows to enter jar then yank jar out of water and record your catch by scratching tally on bridge, release
  6. Always amazes me how quickly wildlife is willing to accept human interaction when there's something in it for them, and it's easy to see how this could have played a part in the domestication of some species. In my younger, cocksure days, I would have been vehemently opposed to someone feeding what I grew up being told was vermin, something that was to be given no quarter. But with the passage of time I suppose comes wisdom and experience, and as I've aged I've become acutely aware of the fragility of life. I now appreciate these little interactions with wildlife more and more. Anyway, enough
  7. Lovely even coils you've managed there. Just wondering, do you think it would be possible to fettle a pair of Larsen springs to serve the purpose? and do you think there would be enough whallop?
  8. Nothing like new life about the place to make you appreciate things. Dexter? Bull or Heifer?
  9. Always fancied getting into a bit of course fishing, but Christ Almighty Neil that's like a foreign language! I wouldn't know where to start! Think I might have to buy the idiots guide to course fishing and do a bit of research first.
  10. A quick question for any trap collectors. Most of the traps I've acquired over the years have either been painted black or coated in stove blacking (Zebrite?). Personally I don't like to see a trap coloured black, I like them in their working clothes. So, if I ever get 'round to taking them back to bare metal, what's best to stop 'em rusting? I'm leaning towards something like furniture wax, but just wondering if there's anything better? Gonna start on something that just needs a good wire brushing rather than a major Nitromors'ing. First victims have been selected!
  11. https://www.trents.co.uk/car-parts/makes/popular-makes/ford/ford-ranger Horsey girl I know drives a Ranger. I'm pretty sure her bloke uses this lot for bits and pieces he needs, might be worth a look.
  12. Comanche, the good thing is if you tip the box right upside down.....they'll be at the top! Looking at the picture I take it the Tildesley is a normal type scissor trap? I've used old scissor traps several times over the years and got on quite well with them (but then I've never had to pay the bills trapping moles) but I always favoured the traps with the curved/rounded jaws as opposed to the more modern, cheap, straighter jaw. I felt the more curved jaw kinda scooped the mole into the trap giving a good clean kill, probably just imagining it, but I had confidence in them.
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