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  1. Still few that have right stuff just keep tipping away.some were lucky when done deal was on the go selling terrier pups they were snapped up and swapped for big money dog that was sold more times and got back for fuckall
  2. He must have the whole lot bought up buy now.chesney nice to bred something yourself and see it work don't see point buying in season workers why were the sold coin comes first lot times
  3. He off the old bitch chesney bred myself others had to buy in his siblings can they not bred a dog like most
  4. Father son daughter great to bred your own not having to buy in other lads jackers
  5. Fine dogs Chesney.just asking for a mate how much a ounce snuff down your side lol
  6. Are they ones from toby pockets mating or just stuff which have there blood in them
  7. There still pups off them lol one is dead other is spent lol
  8. See your wrong them men weren't in federation.and terrier lounge was closed down over something else.
  9. Flasher werent u on terrier lounge along with few more of your and chesneys mates on it.i didnt see many if any pups on it for sale or sales pitches as he says.chesney what happened u was wrong but and i said it to you at time.but u knew well for long enough before i or many other lads knew him what he was like.u know and had dealings with men that are in that circle as u say but say nothing till it suits yah.i dont give 2 balls of goats shite for any them but u keep trying bring it down that were all in it together.
  10. Chesney the few men ive seen posting about flashers photo on here werent on that facebook group.are u hinting at me about knowing so called peddlers u were in that circle long before i knew them men and since u were done wrong by the man u sold lot of pups for down your area u blame anyone that knows them and try say were all as bad as him.u had dealings with a man thats in that circle but its okay when u do it but not anyone else.
  11. Chesney there nothing to disagree about as ive been saying for awhile there is lot stuff going in background from whats been said on here.as u have noticed few have gone to ground and ive feeling its going to come back and hit hard
  12. Yes chesney your right lot worse posted and im not saying whole lot wrong with photo but its time for us to all take a good look around us in this country there has been lot of activity from anti groups building up in last year or 2 and we dont need aload of do gooders upsetting and causing a row on on our legal hunting rant over
  13. Chesney im on about a post on here to a photo of dog worked look its not a bad one compared to whats been posted here and other social media groups.reffering to the peddlers on terrier lounge look its got be said right not one sided if certain men bought pups and payed for them its jack all to breeder other breeders peddlars done it for years and dont see much hype about it.15 20 year ago yere MEN crying about lads using goulds nuttal name no.look it cant be onsided whole time on black dogs.isnt a man u know down [BANNED TEXT] part selling litters of pups and retired dogs at big money and not
  14. Look im not perfect put there is enough said showed on all social now thats giving fire to ones that need it as bad as facebook groups are some are private and request only here is open for any bright spark to type in name
  15. Chesney there was hell of lot lads on that terrier lounge including your very good friends and other men u have had dealings with recently that group is gone and there is few other groups that are far worse than it.im not going mention a man's name that posts on here but i read a post of his on a Facebook group other day and the man was right in what he said on there.we will have no one to blame but ourselves for ruining of terrier work in our country.im no saint but fair is fair its time to wise up there is enuf talk and shite said on social media to clue a dummy up
  16. Last few years people are getting into all these feeding progames for dogs.which is all bollix years ago lurchers terriers we're feed the left over house food and done there grafting.seen lads feeding bullx lurchers on scraps and stale bread out of bakery and were in better condition to todays standard of a lurcher
  17. Was it all hear say he got his name from a kennel fight
  18. Yes u just answered it there for me back to dogs now
  19. Teddy must have been decent enuf dog when he was put over Annie bitch. Not going into row so basically every dog man breeder in Ireland that had has that line are only in it for money in your eyes except one man
  20. Not disputing that with u put tp bred him
  21. Here is a dog that wasn't said to be a worker just got his name from a kennel fight from man that used to post on here I'd doubt that very much
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