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  1. It's probably with the stuff lad has to what you have said that it's bred way's in the pup you have up to see that's what lad over here has that type of stuff in his yard post it on anywhere public forum view All what's doing it for on them dog's Same x breding in them
  2. Don't know setanta Man but not the one that is in the blame for the ways of the stuff is posted on sites by Man to the pits x Wheaton dogs are something else for the ways of posts that is put up with the majority of the lads even myself to Post something would be unstable for public but it's a different level of the stuff in the posted on there's
  3. They are stupid posting on dogs that's not needed to be out in digs with posting videos of it all over sites.what every about Wheaton's out with you but what's point of these game pits brought out it's not a test for them.but u can't say anything about it to them u are anti lover is what you told
  4. It's something lots of men can't figure out with him and nothing else happens to him
  5. Isn't that they ways that storm is bred
  6. Is that pup off that storm Dog or similar blood
  7. Was some dog that produced what's in most yards today dug him on his last dig
  8. Be his father that grandfather is and be half brother father of pups are to bitch off that's back to the same type dogs blood in the background to it's a little bit luck with trying rear them now to get
  9. Throwback to grandfather's outcross in him
  10. Looked like dogs wouldn't be pushed easy stamp dog to look at fine boned than must dogs other dogs lack
  11. Yah heard they hard going but not stick going after season or so but could be only what some men worked dogs like compared to other men keep them
  12. I know of lads that had Ellis wheeler stuff couple years ago and didn't get much results off them now keep stuff off the ac dogs bloodline and are very happy with them
  13. Stephen that's something I will never need is what you have sure your pals are seeking the same blood I have.and if you are referring to nidge dog ye had great results to him fairplay but wasn't my mates seeking him it was your pals in tip.then what was done to lad that bought was wrong sold a dog cudnt produce anymore but u don't hear that it's all one-sided with ye and your mates have tommy blood in yards simple
  14. But did your mates not buy in dogs and did ye not use dogs bred by the peddlers.and you ruined the thread with your smart answers straight lad who posted wanted to no about the line of dogs but you came on as a super protecter of cocker dog breeding.and final time there not my mates looking for info on dogs u or u're bunch clowns have
  15. If u are referring to me say it man grew a pair.right IL tell u I ain't friends with them type it's your mates and lads that are in your area that are buying up them dogs off them just tell it right not one sided for you to look the golden boy.and you were the very first man to make a lot of money for the peddlers back in the day when u were buddies with them.pot calling kettle black.u are dam glad to have the peddlers breeding put into your yard if u hate them that much get different types
  16. No body disputing ac is genuine man it's when lads reply that he is out of dogs and peddlers are selling off his when infact half Ireland uk are happy to have his bloodline and only for lads that bought dogs years ago they wudnt have that line around in yards
  17. It's all the one ways your ways or no ways u always have to be top man ???? crying cowards back more gud luck muppet just came back to have one last laugh at u simple Brain.as for a c**ts trick learned that from u with sly bredings u done off dogs and bitches that u peddle to all young lads in around tip how many were called secret dog ????
  18. I don't need to locate them or text them but I'd say there more your mates than mine I don't need boothsxbull yokes and isn't your mates the ones buying in all dogs around the country with anything ac stuff.nidge tommy red dog ye cudnt make it up lol ???.see you bring all this attention on anything about ac dogs lad simply asked about the line of dogs not the man himself u jump in he retired and peddlers selling dogs diluted stuff.but ye forget ye sold pups to that were sold as full ac stuff when the big bull x was used to bred yere pure stuff and ye buy off the peddlers still class one clowns
  19. There is plenty of dogs with ac bloodline working them and not diluted like some who have added boothsxbulls in them and the few that is peddling is coming mainly from Munster area of ireland
  20. Still few that have right stuff just keep tipping away.some were lucky when done deal was on the go selling terrier pups they were snapped up and swapped for big money dog that was sold more times and got back for fuckall
  21. He must have the whole lot bought up buy now.chesney nice to bred something yourself and see it work don't see point buying in season workers why were the sold coin comes first lot times
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