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  1. R.I.P mate you will be sadly missed 💚

    1. peterhunter86


      Sorry  to hear that rip

    2. steve66


      That's sad , rip

    3. nothernlite


      Sorry to hear P.I.P.

  2. Might make an appearance del.. catch up with some old faces
  3. Cant see the ban ever getting lifted just my opinion
  4. HI i been trying to contact m through this but dont think hes on here now .and i have lost his number. Can anybody on here help me out . PM. ONLY
  5. f**k THE SSPCA

    1. paulus


      im sure they get the message...lol

  6. whats in the breeding mate and have you got any better shots of the body,...........cheers Sorry mate losts all my old pic the breeding was just worker to worker
  7. He was a good terrier to work with
  8. Nice pup mate hope it turns out well for you
  9. people are to quick to pass judgment on here it,s horses for courses .
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