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  1. It was an excellent fishing trip thanks to Geth and Kev, top lads sorted everything all we had to do was show up! Good luck with your row to Belgium fellas and thanks again. P.s. What happened under that sleeping bag stays there!
  2. No probs mate I'm free tomorrow or can go one night this week if you want, be prepared to walk away though
  3. Give me a shout pal it ain't to far from me, there's no harm in going to see the litter we can ask questions while we're there mate
  4. Fly fishing on the river is best imo, cant beat it
  5. I read that it was a myth made up by kennel club to sell staffy registrations, not sure how true it is though
  6. You must go through the courts to get a dog exempt and then you have to have it neutered, insured, 2 foot lead held by a responsible adult and muzzled in public. But its ok you can get a mastiff or an AM bull raise it on kicks and punches and wander round the estate with it.
  7. Yes the UK has been run by fairies for some time now so they are illegal to own, as above any clean pics and info of your dogs would be interesting to read. Mick
  8. Just handed my notice in, been waiting for redundancy for ages boss is too tight for that, get your CV upto date mate and be ready, I've done the F*** boss' thing this week and its no good for anyone, stay calm and polite and move on mate, hope it all works out for you and your pal.
  9. thats another apparently versatile round that i looked at, as like you I only wanted one or 2 centerfires not a list for different species but if you end up chasing boar i think you have to have a .308 dont quote me on that though.
  10. I was looking at the .270 especially if your reloading (Or getting Dan too ) you can use lighter round for roe and heavier for reds if you want or use something in between for both, it is something I needed to do a bit more research into though. I know what you mean with that .308 on the roe, it is a bit overkill Good luck mate let me know how you get on.
  11. A good strong, fast, ruthless yet biddable/clever'ish lurcher & a digging dog that will bush to the runner as well, breeds not really important for me we've just got to be opportunistic and have a crack. So basically I need to get rid of both my dogs and start again Atb Mick
  12. I'm pretty sure I had the same pike in a couple of casts, caught it in the canal under a motorway bridge released it and it calmly swam under the ledge underfoot, couldn't of had a couple more casts and it shot out from under foot and hit the same spinner side on the daft fecker Atb Mick Edited to add I know its not a carp lol
  13. I know the feeling my terrier will eat anything, some of the crap (or not crap) that has come out of his arse is worrying you never know when his/my luck is going to run out!
  14. I use theraband gold on a milbro classic never had an issue shooting 10mm lead
  15. thought i was looking at a bbc2 peaky blinders lol I was just thinking they look like some right rough b*****ds compared to todays lot . Cracking pics on here BTW
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