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  1. S.F.S. Make a sensible offer..
  2. Double Dog Run View Advert Double dog run for sale... width 10 feet depth 6 feet height six feet.. Stoke-On-Trent £500 ono Buyer collect.. Advertiser Mars Date 21/01/20 Price £500.00 Category Kennels & Equipment  
  3. Got this double dog run for sale message me for info...
  4. Price reduced to £15............... 6/12/16
  5. Terrier Box For Sale... £20 ... collection only.. Stoke-On-Trent Yis Mars..
  6. Feck me........... is that for Real........... ??
  7. Is £350ish cheap enough for you? Knock £300 of that price and that would be just about the range i`me looking at.... lol
  8. Got to get myself a new phone just wondering what people would recommend not looking for summat to expensive, cheap an cheerful ok for me, Just want to be able to get on the internet, take pictures, Oh and maybe even the odd phone call lol.. Yis Mars...
  9. As i did four years ago i`ve booked two weeks off work to watch the games.. although this time round i`ve had to do my Driving cpc.. That took a week, but done plenty of catch up on the Bbc. I`ve always liked the Swimming events { ex Lifeguard } Boxing, Judo, Athletics, Jessica Ennis Hill... And Looking forward to the mountain biking today.. Yis Mars....
  10. http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/garden-how-to/soil-fertilizers/antidepressant-microbes-soil.htm LOL.... Mars..
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