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  1. Red and white bitch and two dogs out of the last litter he sired
  2. As I've said I preferer mine off but I do think it has a lot to do with how a dog runs . Some dogs seem to have a style that aggravates dew claws
  3. I've heard both sides to this from many good dog men but the best bitch I ever owned was my only one with dew claws and they were a night mare , so since then its always been off with them for me .
  4. Cheers it feels well connected now I'll take her to the vets
  5. Hi hope some one can help with my question . I'm not sure how but I missed a dew claw on one of my pups is 10 days to old to nip it off Thanks
  6. Put them on a tether , walk up the cord as you go to pick them up making it as short as possible slowly pick the bird up and hold him for a short while , then place him back down . If you repeat this two or three times a day for a few days the bird will calm down and be easier to handle .
  7. As long as you like what you keep thats all that matters , but if you are going to post photo's on an open forum then you should expect people to be honest with you and not blow smoke up your ass . As for cross breds I've nothing against cross bred birds it's horses for courses I've owned some good Taiwan x Brazillians in the past
  8. My mistake on the first photo I'll look closer next time but he's not a good example of the breed but the main thing is you like him and that's all that counts
  9. Do you mean O Shamo ? KO Shamo mature cocks weigh around 2lbs and stand around 6 - 9 inches yor bird looks around 9lbs and 28 inches tall
  10. Top one looks like a cross reza
  11. Hi is the top cock a full bred satsi ? it may just be the angle of the pic and do you have a better one of the hen ?
  12. Sorry i should have been more specific Pierre has different lines of brazillian Shamo for istance his best line are his Black leg fowl
  13. Which line of Pierre's Birds do you have ?
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