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  1. George Kinloch

    Rizzini 12 Bore O/u

    Would you take £150 rfd'd? Cheers George
  2. George Kinloch

    Cz Semi Bits & Bobs

    Do you have the mag bud?
  3. George Kinloch

    Reflex T8

    Pm'd you
  4. George Kinloch

    Ferret Finder Mk3 And 2 Collars Mk3M

    All sold
  5. George Kinloch

    Ferret Finder Mk3 And 2 Collars Mk3M

    It says th image is to large so if u could send me ur email via pm I will email you a picture. Cheers
  6. Works perfectly one of the collars was brand new and been used 5 times max. £130 posted or £125 collected from bexhill on sea. Any questions please feel free to ask. Can send pictures if wanted.
  7. Ferrets have been re-homed. Thank you for the interest.
  8. Hello mate. The hutches are quite big. They are around 2 foot high and about 3-4 foot long. I could only fit one in my car at one time. (It is a saxo though) Rye is not far. Around 40-45 minutes from mine. Pm me if your interested. Cheers
  9. Cheers guys. Just want them to go to a good working home as they really are top quality natured ferrets and good little hunters.
  10. Will throw in a few nets as well
  11. I have 3 ferrets looking for a new home. Really good little workers. The males have been castrated so they live together all year round. Lovely little things and never bite. They come with a 3 large hutch set up. 3 hutches one on top of the other. Really what a good working home where they will get the attention they need. This is a great start up for some one. The ferrets have done 2 full seasons. Free to good home. Collection from bexhill on sea (near Eastbourne/hastings.
  12. George Kinloch

    Duck Decoys X 20

    These won't be here long. Complete bargain. Wish you were closer. Good luck with the sale
  13. George Kinloch

    Bushing Dogs.

    Perfect place to peddle pups where you live then, plenty KC springers available from £250+ where I'm from £500 is standard for a kc reg springer where I'm from (south of England) Take it u live further up north than me. I don't count that as expensive if ur getting a quality dog. And in my opinion its harder for peddlers. Because people who pay £500 for a quality dog are gunna put everything in to that dog.
  14. George Kinloch

    Bushing Dogs.

    £200 is more than reasonable for a good bushing pup. kc springers where I am are £450 cheapest, to about £650. Good luck with the sale mate!!
  15. George Kinloch

    Ratting In East Sussex

    There's a couple of shoots which have a few rats but nothing major at all. Will see how if gets when the bring the cattle in for the winter. Haven't got any earth mate. U had them out at all? Took the pup ferreting the other day. Typical terrier goes deaf when she's on something. Haha