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    Currently working towards a counselling degree, looking forward to learning more about working my patterdale x lakeland terrier and eventually working him with my young son's. Full of questions so bear with me.

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  1. Marvin

    nurse found dead

    Yawn ill bow down to your alpha male mentality ................. Years of psychoanalysis, differing models and theories and here we have it, how can the likes of Feud, Jung, Skinner, Rogers and Egan have missed it, it all boils down to people just needing to get a grip. You truly are one of the aforementioned c0cks lol :yes:
  2. Marvin

    Rats and chickens??

    I can see by your avitar it has done you no harm in anyway shape or form :laugh:
  3. Marvin

    nurse found dead

    Her own fault killing herself over something others see as funny The number of kids who kill themselves too, because of people "just having a laugh at their expense" i guess, their own fault. :hmm: What a pack of c0cks on this site at times :yes: From personal experience of having been blamed for the suicide of another, i surely hope the DJ's have a strong constitution because without a doubt they are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride in their emotions, guilt, anger, frustration and possibly even suicidal ideation themselves. Something i wouldnt wish on anyone
  4. Marvin

    Rats and chickens??

    Thanks for the answer and the link
  5. Marvin

    Rats and chickens??

    Might be a silly question but here goes; I buy fresh eggs from a co-worker who has her own chickens, she tells people not to wash the eggs because they will go off quite quickly, is this so?
  6. Marvin

    Ebay disputes.. Any advice please..

    Think was not a company just a peerson.. must sell a bot had 400 odd fedback.. I will see what they come back with.. Is there a dispute link on ebay?? I should mabie get my mrs on the case when she comes in from work lol Yeah that sounds like a good plan Giro, tell the wife you have blew £ on sh!te this close to christmas and whilst she is still fired up sit her at the computer lol guaranteed to get your loot back :yes:
  7. Marvin


    I think the bloke he fought follows the strict training regime i do myself which consists of loads and loads of doing very little and powered by a thoroughly nutrition rich diet of John Smiths and fried egg butties
  8. Marvin

    Ebay disputes.. Any advice please..

    Dispute it, E-Bay is notorious for siding with the buyer
  9. Marvin


  10. Marvin


    Wasnt you who buried all that whiff in his garden was it :whistling:
  11. Looks more than he has had off there all year Millet
  12. Marvin

    Lakeland Terrier Pups

    £300 is that for the full litter :icon_eek:
  13. Marvin

    darlo lads??

    I was out with the pooch the other day when this young kid asked me if my dog works, i just looked at him said he is black, lives in a council house and cant speak english of course he doesnt work stood there in his tracky and a pair of muck boots that looked like they been passed on at least 3 times, he started to tell me he was getting a year old collie-bull-gray for 50 quid off his mate, when i asked him what he will be using it for his face lit up and his reply was "cats an tha - we already got most of them off the estate the other night" :icon_eek: Its getting like Dale Farm round here if they dont have lame lurchers they are trotting around on traps with ponies that the glue factory wouldnt thank you for
  14. Marvin

    The working daschund

    Doesnt the name dachshund translate to badger dog ??
  15. Marvin

    Making a huge mistake

    There has been a lot of study into the "if only factor" of our mental being and it is showing to play a great role in the fall in mental well-being. How many of us have been given a choice of something new in life and not taken it due to the fear of leaving our comfort zones then spent a lot of time thinking "if only", i bet there is not a man or woman on here who at one point has not had these regrets from one time or another. Rake you seem to have taken the wrong path with your decision, but in reality you stepped out of your comfort zone and into something new, agreeably it wasnt what you where led to believe, but you took the initiative and returned to your previous employer, dare i say cap in hand at first for them to then reward you with an even better package than you where on before. Would they have given you the same deal had you just asked for it? probably not, the fact you left showed them your worth. I know this would not be the case for everyone but the point is you tried it, you dont have the if only factor because you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new, good on you mate. I spent 30 odd years making wrong decisions finally to make the right one HE WHO DARES