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  1. jimster68

    House deeds n pigeons

    I lived in an ex council house and rules were NO live stock WHATSOEVER. However Racing pigeons were not classed as live stock if you raced them and you were a member of a club. It mabe worth finding out if racing pigeons are allowed if your a member of a club. I remember moving house many years ago when i raced pigeons and a neighbour complained to the council about my pigeons , council came out looked that i kept garden tidy and checked i was a member of a club . Everything was in order and never had a problem after that . fancy pigeons were not allowed only racing pigeons.
  2. jimster68

    Worst Season And ( Shortest For Years)

    I'm going out next weekend for the last time this season, for some reason this season has been real hard work, season started slow with lots of mixy about,then the cover seemed to take forever to die back ,struggled to get into double figures most weeks .now the seasons nearly over and its like I've only just got going,hopefully we might get some early frost next year and less mixyx. Roll on next season , I can't wait already.
  3. albino HOB ferret kit free to good working home (7 weeks old) bred from good working stock ,many hundreds of rabbits netted bye the parents , if interested ring 07828638374, i dont use the internet much so ring if interested, and i wont give the ferret kit to anyone under 16 years of age unless they are accompanied by an adult . many thanks ....jim
  4. jimster68

    Ferret Found (Leeds)

    ive had a hob ferret handed to me that was found in the seacroft area of leeds, ive had him about a week and he was in a bit of a state due to the hot weather when i took him in , hes now on the mend and has started to liven up. i also have an albino kit ( hob ) that is free to a working home ,hes about 7 weeks old and is bred from good working stock, i personally work the parents and they good workers that have help net many hundreds of rabbits , if the old hob is yours or your interested in the ferret kit i can be contacted on 0782863874 , im not on the internet much so best of call number above. many thanks jim.
  5. jimster68

    New Pants Please

    feckin love it
  6. jimster68

    Shop Lifting

    if people shoplift from stores weather it be a junkie or someone whos just hard up ,then thats thier buisness , i would much rather people stole from large organisations and stores rather than thier own communitys. thiers something very wrong with stealing from your own no matter what it is,i wouldnt think twice about informing a neighbour if one of our own had stolen from them , where i live we try and lookn after each other as far as crime is concerned and it doesnt take long to find out whos been upto no good . stealing from your own is a line that shouldnt be crossed .
  7. jimster68

    Net Ordered, Can't Wait!

    just remember to leave plenty of bagging in the net , if you set it up right after a few weeks you will be useing it like a pro, they are great for doing spinnys, blackberry bushes ect, when ever im useing mine i try to box of sections of headge row from one warren to the other , if they are large warrens i will use up to 4 ferrets to get the rabbits bolting . just take a little time to set up correctly try not to leave any gaps under the net ,just put a rock or stake the bottom line if the ground is uneven . lets us know how you get on ...jim
  8. jimster68

    Net Ordered, Can't Wait!

    good on you bud , i bought my quickset longs nets a few years ago and have never looked back , i wouldnt go ferreting without them . atb..............jim
  9. jimster68

    Wont Eat Raw Grub

    you could try minced meat mixed with the other stuff ,(mix it right up so the dog cant pick out the nuggets) . another thing is let the meat warm up to room tempreture , some dogs wont eat very cold meat . i cant say ive ever had this problem , mabe others can help out a little more . atb.......jim
  10. jimster68

    Net Making Demo

    hi sean , good to hear thier was lots of interest at the show ,and that a few kids were showing interest in taking up the sport . looks like your going to be busy in the next few months with all the permission your picking up ,keep up the good work bud , them kids are going to get spoilt with all them rabbits on your permission. happy hunting atb .................jim
  11. jimster68

    Tough Spot To Ferret?

    your gonna need at least 3 or 4 people ,and quite a few ferrets, ive ferreted a few shitty places and the biggest problem is keeping your eye on all the ferrets and watching what hits the long nets,if its like some of the places ive done ,the warren could be linked all across the hedgerow , you could enter your ferrets in one place and they could appear 50 yds away in all directions . if your undermaned it can soon turn into a nightmare of a day . only advice i would give is wait for some frost to kill the cover of , then the place might not look half as bad, then invite a couple of ferreters you trust along for the day out , start ferreting early and plan to move to easier ferreting by early afternoon , this way your not going to be looking for ferrets in the dark and looking for any ferrets that have laid up . good luck and happy hunting..............jim
  12. jimster68

    Do You Know What I Hate

    i hate rock hard butter that you cant spread on bread , and the fecker in our house who used the last drop of milk last night and i had none for my cuppa at 6am this morning .
  13. jimster68

    Many Thanks Pipa

    i bought some nets of him a couple of weeks ago , great bloke to deal with and he only sells quality gear . i would recomend buying from him .................jim
  14. jimster68

    Do You Know What I Hate

    ma be they should relocate .