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  1. 2 moles in one season - one trap as one ran off with it so thateans just one then
  2. I have plenty of land for shooting on if u interested in it deer rabbit anything u like it's up in the highlands Ddddderrrrr I mean heaven as u must be on a cloud ha ha I've have controled vermin for over 30 year and land is like rocking horse shit to get hold of il let u no when a space comes up in cuckoo land
  3. No no no the only thing that it could get is over formed muscles which can be bad to the dog in later life I over worked one of my dogs too young it formed muscle too quickly and it can harm them I no I'm a vet
  4. No the chocolate ha ha only joking as in Yorkshire
  5. lamping night tonight caffeine and a smoke first then let the bunny meet it's master as in chef lol
  6. Hi to all fellow shooters / hunters / and dog men I said dog men not doggin lol hope to up load some pic when I find out how to lol I'm a yorky man moved to lancashire hunting and shooting mad as you all will find out .hope there are people out there with same interests as me . like to chat but prefer to hunt shoot and hunt and shoot lol
  7. Rapid 7 in 177 hope someone can help me soon asap Cash waiting
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