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  1. A follow up post from a previous topic i made a few month back. Bryn is out of my own dog bracken, and here is at 5 months. A few weeks ago he had a little taste of ferreting around the longnets for a couple of hours. He picked up that jumping the longnets was better than running into him. All a learning and they don't learn in the kennel! Also a group pic of my pack down the allotment. Cheers andrew.
  2. All my dogs are sound with my chickens, ducks and geese. And even my white pheasants before i sold them.my dogs being 3 lurchers and 2 terriers.. But out of the allotment and into the feild they'd hunt the above mentioned... Yet i couldn't and cannot break my patterdale to the ferrets. Shes a nutcase
  3. Cheers. Hes a beddy whippet grey 22 inch
  4. Cheers. The one on the left is the daughter of the one on the right
  5. Sunday just gone we ferreted a pretty large hedge. We had the dog and a lonh net in places with the odd purse net dotted about. Was a enjoyable day with the team
  6. Did bryn off gavin and Stacey tell you that ?
  7. Tilly. Sprocker x lakeybeagle. Chilling down the allotment
  8. Just a few pics of my team
  9. Id of thought about 21 or 22 inch. The sire is about 22 inch
  10. The sire is beddy whippet abit of greyhound and the dam is the same again or there abouts. Pure worker to worker
  11. Over the moon with my new pup. My dog sired a litter for a lad and this is the one i have got from that litter. Fawn is the sire Blacks the dam
  12. Spot on day that mate. I love the look of your little mutt mate
  13. Hi mate, robs a mate of mine. Hes asked me to say that hes very interested but with this account being new his posts are pending approvel by admin and he will be in touch soon as he can! Cheers
  14. Hi mate, my dog has just lined a bitch from skipton. Both genuine grafters, look i cant tell you the % but they are both beddy whippet greys or there abouts. Worker x worker. The fawn dog is about 22 n half inch and the bitch is probably about 20. Message me of interested and ill pass you on to the fella
  15. Spot on them mate !!!
  16. Cheers. Yes I've hatched young off these for the past couple of years. I'll sell to hobbyists mainly, the odd keeper takes a couple
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