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  1. I have had two cocks for months. One was and is still in lovely condition and he's singing his head off, the other never looked great from the start and died the other day which I wasn't surprised about. I got the two hens from Newark show the other day and they were cheap but they're in lovely nick so I have a cock and two hens. My flights will be up and ready either tuesday or weds next week mate. Ya reckon I'm best just puttin both hens in with the one cock then? Everyone tells you something different with this bird stuff Cheers, Sam.
  2. Would the two hens be ok in the one flight with the one cock then? Cheers, Sam
  3. I was goin to have a go at breeding some goldies this year. I've had two pair in breeding cages for a few month just to hold them in until my flights were up which will be sorted in about 2 week but one of the cocks died yesterday. He never looked great from when I got him months ago but it is what it is. Now I'm about to get the flights up and have a nice pair for one but I have a spare hen that I'd like to pair with something. I've heard it's hard to mule with a hen goldie and canary cock. Would I be better tryin for hybrids? I know no one is gunna get rid of anything top form this time of y
  4. Where are you mate might be interested. Thanks
  5. Vets is an industry, mine have got to have their legs hangin off to take em.
  6. Just an enquiry mate. What size are they to the shoulder? Will they face cover? Are they completely mute? What are they more intetested in rabbit or hare? Would they kennel with other bitches? Inbox me with info pal. Cheers, Sam.
  7. I've had the same happen here mate young patt bitch 7 month ran an old drain and bolted a charlie from it the other month she was down before I even saw the drain was baying for about 20 seconds and bolted one out the other end I left it a few week and went back and it was flooded.
  8. Should have let her run the pipe mate might have met old charlie and bolted him out the other end
  9. Thanks pal and yes he is mate. Proper gent he is.
  10. It's literally like new and one of the last made, the serial is 026366. Shoots bang on now he's serviced it and is very quiet with one of his mods on. I love it more than the missus. . Honestly he's a top bloke Kev, if anyone needs their rapid lookin at take it to him. He's the man.
  11. He's a lovely bloke and he knows his rapids. Was brilliant watchin him work on mine. Sam
  12. He did mate yes. Full service and one of his silencers. He's a top bloke is Kev.
  13. Nice crow with the wasp and 8mm from about 35 yards this mornin. Atb Sam
  14. I'm gunna have a go at breeding goldie mules this year, I have two goldie cocks in breeding cages currently bonding with canary hens in my garage but am in the process of putting up a shed and building flights inside. My question to people that have bred mules before is can I put both pairs in seperate flights in the same shed and attempt to mule or will one cock be put off by the fact there is another cock in the same shed giving his calls etc? Thanks in advance Sam
  15. Anyone used this one? Old avalanche I think it is?
  16. Just wondering if anyone knows if these barryvox boxes will work with bellman and flint collars? Cheers, Sam.
  17. I'm also wonderin this. Do they work with bellman and flint collars and do they go to feet and inches cos on the site it just says meters? Cheers
  18. Can't beat this time of year, all cover dying back and the dogs are keen as mustard. Happy bushing everyone.
  19. For how many years is a goldfinch good for breeding as in when are they past it and also what's the average lifespan of a goldie in captivity? Cheers, Sam.
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