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  1. Il stay trying her anyway and see what happens
  2. Yeah twice both time the pup wanted to go so let her on. she didnt seem to search them great then drop the old dog and dug to him .it like she kmew there was something home but wouldnt push on fair enough to find it
  3. 14 months still very puppyish hopefully it will click
  4. Any of yea gettin trouble with your dogs finding quarry
  5. Was out tismorning with my old terrier and a nine month old pup .The old dog was gone to ground and the pup was tied up anyway got a mark of 1.2 so started digging nice handy digging .when we broke in ther was a dig dog fox and a vixin in behide it .before we knew it the pup was off the lead and into the hole it got a nip off the fox witch i didnt want but she never shyed back i pulled her up she was mad to get back down hopefully the nip wont do bother her to much in the future
  6. Old mcdonals carlow used to have them
  7. Any body no when the westmeath terrier and lurcher show is on this year
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