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  1. I must be the only one who thinks the aussies will win whoever wins i hope it will be a good game, shame i'm going to miss it though
  2. Should be a good final as the aussies don't fear new Zealand like most nations so i will put my bet on the aussies for this one .
  3. Great stuff as usual mate.
  4. We got back from the riviera a few weeks back went snorkeling with turtles and stingrays the coral reef was great too ...do you loads of them f***ing racoons running wild there we did sitting on the tables next to us not sure what these are but they were everywhere
  5. Been in mexico for the last 2 weeks so looking forward to rest of the comp ..
  6. Coming on nicely mate ,i did like this litter myself .
  7. We have a few poles working on the farm where i work ,never moan with whatever shitty job they get and just get on with it . Yet i was speaking to a lad i went to school with and asked him what hes doing these days his answer was nothing no jobs too many poles ect ..now this bloke has never had a job longer than a few months not interested in working .So you can see why employers get these foreigners in . ps talking about polish girls theres one here called Mary even covered in cow shit shes a looker .
  8. I like it ,its different .
  9. paulf

    In 6 Days

    Once them maggots get going they don't last long .
  10. paulf

    Top Life Tips

    If you cant bench press it, don't f**k it
  11. A big red ex post office lorry ...you will know its me if you smell rotten chicken ( don't ask lol )
  12. Every f***ing day i'm in that neck of the woods and its got out of control the hills around Monmouth are the worst and when your in a lorry its a nightmare . Did you see the other week all the road closures for the velofon ? ridiculous, couldn't move in Newport and someone even done the carpet tack trick lol
  13. Good stuff again mate . Do you need a special licence for red squirrels rob?
  14. I had a b*****d of an ear infection in Turkey a few years ago from using the swimming pool .Your right it does hurt i paid for a doctor to come to see me he took me straight into hospital sat me down used a suction thingy, and the pain was gone before i got back to the hotel .Best £100 i ever spent and i would of gave him every penny i owned to get rid of the pain lol
  15. paulf


    mexico in September
  16. paulf


    We stayed in salou a few years ago and it was great plenty to do the big theme park, water park up the road too .Great beach and only 2 hours ish on a plane and 25 minutes transfer from airport ..Or even Cap Salou is a bit quieter ideal for a small family.
  17. Nice dogs mate ,like the feathered one .
  18. The white bitch with the patch over her eye would be my choice .
  19. If i was looking for a pup this is the litter i would be ringing about ... i have heard really good things about gaffer best of luck with the pups mate.
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