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  1. mick h

    Another Bird in the Hand

    cant wait for this bill it reminds me so much of my own life growing up. all the best mick
  2. mick h

    Irritated paws

    thornit powder is good its for ears as well.
  3. use front line puppy spray as this stops on the skin and not in the blood stream,
  4. mick h

    beddy/grey x saluki/grey

    the start of the merlin lines was a dog called hoover,saluki greyhound bedlington greyhound.
  5. mick h

    cow legged

    the one in the middle being correct .
  6. mick h

    coursing pup

    thats one nice pup and a credit to the breeder, hope you got it on some good snap with bone like that.i wish you all the luck in the world with that pup mate be nice to see it grow up.
  7. mick h

    swollen toe

    mate if you dont think its broke and just swelled up you can put is foot in a bowl of warm salt water,and cut the nail back to the quik and let it bleed, this will take the swelling out,and stop it calusing up.hope this helps.
  8. mick h

    toe nails !

    get the mrs nail foil and file thenials this will send the quik back .
  9. mick h

    blondie and dancer

    sorry about the photo
  10. mick h

    blondie and dancer

    this was a bitch i had robbed back in 1994 just 7 months old and she would of been first class.
  11. mick h

    blondie and dancer

    if the 4 year old dog is producing good pups of difrent bitchis i would use him, you can all ways go to the young dog in a few years with youre pup,
  12. mick h

    help with feeding my lurcher

    mate try some sort of wight gianing drink the body builders youse,have you had the dog from a pup or have you bought the young dog in, you could have some blood tests done, as young pup shouldent be droping wight like that [bANNED TEXT] ever the breeding is. all the best mick
  13. mick h

    Laguna Estate for sale

    mate have you still got the car , and were abouts are ya
  14. mick h

    bedlington lurcher

    no kenal blindnes there mate they are the same stamp of dogs i bred 20 odd years a go. they are a credit to you mate.propper bedy cross.