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  1. Can't remember how many they killed, it was a one off. My mate had a terrier pup off him and at about 12 months it showed very little interest so Plummer invited him to get the pup going.
  2. No photos, all he really said about it was, that the routine was to sneak up, swing open the doors and rush in! He also said Plummer was like a sgt major. Plummer did catch him a rat by hand, and drop it into a sack, to take home for a pup.
  3. Your half right, there is no way of telling in any generation after a first cross , whether a gene is recessive or absent, unless it shows up in later generations.
  4. It is easy to eliminate an unwanted gene if you know what it is dominant to. All you need to do is test mate each animal to something that is recessive to the gene you want to eliminate, to see if it is carrying the unwanted gene . Not very practical with dogs I must admit and only works for visible traits. ..
  5. No! obviously not! well i don't know what your saying,i said the collie gene is still there but dormant, you where saying it could virtually disappear in one generation.now i don't know what your saying I'll explain in simple terms. All genes are in pairs, each pair made up of one from each parent. there is a pair of genes to control just about every aspect , eye colour , coat type , coat colour etc. some genes are dominant to others . If you take the genes for eye colour in humans for example, the brown gene is dominant to blue, therefore with a blue gene from one parent and brown
  6. pure greyhound are you havn a laugh f**k me! can you not f*****g read! no but thanks for the offer..an yes i can read Then you'll see that I never mentioned pure Greyhound.
  7. pure greyhound are you havn a laugh f**k me! can you not f***ing read!
  8. I'll take it from that, that you don't know how genes work then!
  9. Your the one saying I'm incorrect, yet your now asking me questions , explain how genetics work and prove me wrong!
  10. No your incorrect mate, do your homework..............Or better still , explain to me how the genetics work!
  11. There is also the possibility that, with so much greyhound on each side , your dog could have virtually no collie in it.
  12. I think intelligence has a lot to do with turning ability, well , intelligence and experience. A dog with good turning ability anticipates the turn, or in some circumstances actually deliberately causes the turn. I've seen dogs that appear to have all the necessary physical requirements that over run to excess, even look surprised that the quarry has turned at all. I've watched dogs through binos that just fly through the field of vision periodically , same in the lamp, some never learn. You know the ones, them that go like a bull at a gate or should I say like a bullx at a gate!
  13. I did a bit of fell running , Snowdon was a cat A fell race back when I ran, before the paths were improved. A pic of me coming down called "down hill runner " won a competition, it was me leaping down a big step, just me with a sky background. The Snowdon race is a 10mile round trip, my best time was 58mins to the top and 20 coming down, I always thought 20mins for 5 miles wasn't too bad!
  14. can you remember the nos gallan midnight race --wonder if its still going I remember it mate, never did it. I always wanted to do the man v horse race but never got round to it, one of my regrets. I did loads of races though, did the Robin Hood , Rutland water, did one along Offa's dyke, started at Hay on wye, that was a good one. I won a 10k on Cannock chase once, in 32 mins , I remember it because the trophy was awful, all my mates took the piss, it had an angel at one end of a wooden plinth and a kids trainer! at the other end.
  15. I once ran in the same race as Steve Cram , didn't beat him though! As well as the distance stuff ,I also ran on the track, 3000, 5000, 10,000 and steeple chase and cross country. If you want fast times you need lots of speed work, you can do too many miles even for a marathon. There was a world class New Zealand woman, forget her name, but she was doing world class times on a maximum of 60 mpw. She would do speed work all week, which would add up to about 30 miles + the same distance in one run. At the time everyone else was doing at least 120 mpw.
  16. I did it three times, can't remember the years, but remember one was Guilet , another was Mars and an ADT. My fastest was 2h 54mins. Did a few others Wolverhampton, Stoke ,Derby, some ultras, Lyke wake 43miles I think, South downs miles + a few mountain races, Snowden mainly.
  17. Not uncommon , I've seen plenty, they hover just like a Kestrel. The best thing I saw, was one chase and out fly a Crow, the Crow ditched at the last minute but the Buzzard took it on the ground.
  18. It should come through no bother mate, I had a dog eat all sorts, socks , gloves, kids pants the lot , everything past fine . Once tried to mount a Hare's mask, dog eat the lot including six sewing knob pins. I just fed the dog the Hares skin and it passed all six pins over the next few days, It was no fun trying to find them though!
  19. Opinel for me, get em nice and sharp and if you lose one ,you ain't lost much. Having said that, never lost one. I've got a couple I bought in France 30 years ago! so for what they are, they last well.
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