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  1. Albert I aren't even answering that, it was a question about dog food for f**k sake not how to catch a rabbit don't tell me about hunting
  2. Pathetic mate there like kids, every time you come on I end up arguing with the same ones haha
  3. I was looking at my topic you clown and seen this, the sites full of wankers like yous, some lads supposedly in to hunting helping each other out and then there's the pricks
  4. You need to get out in the field a bit more and stop posting shite on here
  5. I took a chance advertising it on here in hope someone could do something with it but if not I'd rather see it as someone's per its just a shame because its nose and prey drive are very good.
  6. Bull x your a mug you don't have a clue, why would I kill it when someone could take it ratting or try digging with it! And like I say how the f**k have I ruined when it was already obviously mute?
  7. I don't see it as a favour seen as tho your not a mod so you should of left it to them And as for ruined dog are you saying I ruined the dog? I took it on off a lad who said it was bushing end off, you got a bee in your bonnet saying terrible thread! If you don't have anything decent to write stay off threads
  8. Chat shit to each other on the phone not on some ones thread for f**k sake
  9. Nothing wrong with the post mate it's an honest one just wish the guy had of been honest with me as I wouldn't sell a dog that's not had its issues outlined so what's terrible about it? I've had the dog out every day for 3 months working on recall and typical that it wouldn't come back when I was with farmer which doesn't look good when you have permission , I have no more time or patience n if I give it away done chancer will end up with it trying to make a quick raise
  10. Jack Russell dog for sale approx 7months old. I've only had the dog about 3 months but don't have the time to put in on recall training, the farmer bumped in to me yesterday n I looked a right tit trying to get it to come back. Once the dog is on a scent it seems to go mute. It will go into bushes gorse etc and has had two rabbits and a couple of rats. The dog works fine in a pack as this is how it stated out. The dog lives in kennel and gets on fine with other dogs and is quiet in kennel. I'm new to terriers but if someone can train the recall I'm sure it would make a handy dog. Can't upload
  11. How do you advertise a dog in classifieds section??
  12. B unit

    What Type??

    Well I went to my mates on Wednesday and he had a 6 month old jrt there so I ended up with it! Spent most of time just bonding with it but today the lurcher caught one and retrieved it I was well chuffed because it gave him the chance to see what it was all about and a good shake, keen as mustard after that he was
  13. It also says this is what I paid for them!! Besides this post was ages ago wake up
  14. How much for the beagle mate?
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