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  1. Thanks for the suggestions lads, might do something along the lines of sitting in his office
  2. No but I asked an accountant and he told me how to work it out I said within the law
  3. I use Adblock and Adblock Plus and I've never seen an ad or gotten a pop up.
  4. Hi lads, my ex-employer is refusing to give me holiday pay that's owed to me, from my calculations it's about €500 but the c**t is saying it's nil. Staying within the law can any of you think of any ways to get the cash out of him. Thanks
  5. Dick and Bob violated a rabbit.
  6. Why don't you ask some of the travellers on here? They're all inbred to f**k haha
  7. To stop a dog chasing cars you tie the dog onto the car and drive off.
  8. Don't give a f**k what ye say, I saw it with my own two eyes and it worked.
  9. I called over to a neighbor last week and he had a dead cat tied onto his collies neck. I asked him why and he said the dog killed the cat and that tying the cat onto his neck would stop him killing them. I thought that this was another one of his retarded ideas but I was back over there this morning and he had two kittens and the collie was scared shitless of them. I just thought I'd share this in case anyone else wants to stop an older dog killing cats.
  10. Mortar? What's mortar? Take care mate. So you don't have any mortar in those steps in the bottom left picture? I think it's a lot faster if there's mortar put in and they're more resistant to flakes from tractors and cattle
  11. Hi Scott that's a great offer mate I'd love to take you up on it but I'll probably be busy with work. That's fine work you've done there unlike most of the shit that's called stonework with mortar showing everywhere. I did a good bit of it myself last year around the farm but it's not as good as your's yet
  12. Another thing to watch out for on a golf course is young people drinking, it's where qe used to spend most Friday nights
  13. 1.30 Marito 3.20 So Young 4.00 Sweet my Lord All worth a few quid each way.
  14. TBH I think anyone that parks in a disabled spot that doesn't need it is a selfish c**t. Don't any of you realise that some people really need these spaces?
  15. I signed it on my home, work and college computers
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