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  1. Has anyone made a collar out of a cartridge belt , if you have lash a picture up for me thanks
  2. 7.5hr walk is taking its toll now me legs are killing me

  3. Nice dog mate, other 2 are crackers aswell trying to find somethin like them for this year
  4. Always back filled hate seeing earths left wide open
  5. Look at what work it is you do and choose the best tested dog you can find doing that job just my opinion Atb
  6. Not bad for 120 then mate , don't think they will charge that now
  7. is there any topics on here about the meynell bred dogs ?
  8. Nice dog in your profile picture treehands
  9. Just looking around at the moment seeing what Russell's are about havnt seen that many people working them but I'm sure there's still some good ones
  10. Thanks lads, with the website they have going are they aiming more at the pet/show dog owners
  11. Does anyone work these if so how do you rate them
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