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  1. Desmond

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Sometimes as much as news like this is sad and I couldn’t sleep lastnight when I seen it...it’s nice to talk about them in good light because she was such a funny lady and with a heart of gold,I’m guilty of not keeping contact because she really was one of the gooduns that wd only ever try and help you,she use to love the rogues like and hearing about the story’s out coursing and was immensely proud of her brother Chris who not only was a good dog man but a gentleman and a proper man to go with it
  2. Desmond

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Snatch was her old name on moochers,she use to torcher me but it was all good crack,snatch flc was a lad called Justin who was a proper nice lad himself and both became good friends,I use to run her bitch Lotty on whilst I only had a pup and she use to love hearing how she had done,snatch flc ended up with her....all I can say was them was happy days,good people no arseholes just likeminded folk mad keen on dogs
  3. Desmond

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    Very rarely come on here these days but I’m genuinely gutted to read this,hadn’t spoke to Jayne for a few year but will hold fond memories of her,she was a proper decent soul and loved a pisstake,loved her hunting,horses and all things country,opened doors for me and gave me one of my best days in dogs,I’ll never forget them times...rip Jayne
  4. thats how pups should look in that top pic,tip top You too could have a dog like that........ oh wait You did .... Ive got her sister
  5. thats how pups should look in that top pic,tip top
  6. Desmond

    There She Blows

    she jacked
  7. Desmond

    A Good Run On This

    very good dog did good job, but 1st time ever you really see I think where a bigger dog as a advantage of the smaller purely , with retrieving . both my dogs catch rabbits fairly easy and the bring back always been the best part as the rabbit just scooped up near enough in one stride and brought right in, and my bigger dog even more easy than my older dog one 25in the other 28in. I like whippets had one little 20 in bitch, just like the above dog great at rabbiting . but its only when you see bigger types dogs that it really comes home to you. for very close work edges etc whippets are spot on , but other type work longer runs bigger dogs are better in think . Any videos of yours on?
  8. Desmond

    Buddy Bred Dogs

    cocker is it true you look in peoples cars and piss on them?
  9. Desmond

    Returned A Invite

    Thats what its all about,class
  10. Desmond

    A Few Bolts To The Whippet

    Enjoyed that,nice little dog
  11. Desmond

    Old Pics

    That lad on the left is a nasty piece of work hes doing abit of training now mate he be a handful lol when hes training hes not pestering me,ill pay his gym fees
  12. Desmond

    Old Pics

    That lad on the left is a nasty piece of work
  13. Desmond


    Chalky says the butcher is the one