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  1. welcome back pal the site was very boring while you wer gone
  2. a big hearted dog will go a long way.. but as someone on here already said you cant put in what god left out,
  3. all dogs are in top order, seen these run last season and they can spin a hare, this seasn ahead will be there season to shine, best of luck with they pal you deserve a good one
  4. lovely bitch pal best of luck with it
  5. Love the look of that dog thats a bitch pup lad, she plenty gameness about her.. im looking forward to next season should have a bit of fun
  6. sound james il send you the rest of the pics today pal
  7. they are 5 and a half months eric, 22 and 23 inches at the moment, very sorry to hear that eric thats a c**t of a thing to happen
  8. these are my scouser pups, this is the brindle wooly 1 i got her clipped out she turned out compleatly diffrent.. il get a few more of the rest of litter over the next few days
  9. sounds the job.. nice looking dog, he should produce good stock, i was thinking of putting him on my bitch but i think il skip this heat and try and get another hunting season out of her, it would be nice to see him running this season hopefully ye get him on dvd jamie
  10. nice pups best of luck with them lads, jamie can you put up a picture of duke be nice to see him
  11. there comeing on well eric your doing a great job with them
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