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  1. KevO

    Carpet Mill/slat Mill

    Can make one if you want one.
  2. KevO

    Drag lure/muzzles

    Time Left: 16 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Drag lure working order with 5 kennel muzzles. Can post for £8.50 or pick up OX7 post code


  3. KevO

    Drag lure/muzzles

    View Advert Drag lure/muzzles Drag lure working order with 5 kennel muzzles. Can post for £8.50 or pick up OX7 post code Advertiser KevO Date 17/08/18 Price £20.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  4. KevO


    Going to make a few hutches to sell, after a few ideas what dimension should they be? The sleeping department what size? the run Height and width? Any photos would be of help. Thanks
  5. KevO

    Terrier Slatmill

    Measuring 49 inches in length x 40 inches high x 17 inches wide all at the biggest points. Will suit a terrier size dog around 16 inches to the shoulder. Very free moving 6 turns now will defo go to 8+ when beds in. Located OX7 post code pick up or will post at cost roughly £50.00 £400 NO OFFERS!
  6. KevO


    What I can see the way there treating the dog is, the antibiotic is in case the skin problem is through an infection, the scrub is to keep the area clean and the spot on is in case a biting parasite is causing the bald spots,
  7. KevO

    Terrier Slatmil

    It says from £275 and I wouldn't make one for lurcher, imo do more damage then good.
  8. KevO

    New Box.

    The vents in the front are 35mm compared to a 25mm normal drilled holes. Plus there's a further air vent either side so that's 105mm vents in each side, So in reality theirs four holes either side if they were just drilled.
  9. KevO

    Don Mayfield

    The Mayfield dogs done nowt for me. But to be fair the wrong person bought them over. IMO.
  10. KevO

    Ferret Box

    It's made sent you pm.
  11. KevO

    Ferret Box

  12. KevO

    Ferret Box

    2.1 kg
  13. KevO

    Kennel Cough

    Kennel cough is like the human cold, no cure apart from letting it run it's course.
  14. KevO


    Try Slow-K if it is cramp.
  15. KevO

    Lets Talk Nutri Bars

    Why put grass all over your food, waste of good toast..