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  1. Yes, a few. Don’t post too many though, sadly too many dogs going missing these days
  2. Here you go stormy, a tad over due, but here are my two out of vandal when derek had them.
  3. Dog die. Before they die they have pups. Pretty self explanatory
  4. I didn’t start this thread so you lot could have a dick measuring competition between each other. I started it so I could possibly meet like minded people who have good working white dogs so that I can keep my own white dogs blood going. I’m not interested in anything other than that. I don’t care who hasn’t got any white dogs. I don’t care who has a black dog. I don’t care who has the greatest dog that’s ever walked the planet. I don’t care who has the shittest dog that’s ever walked the planet. I don’t care about what was about and isn’t now. I don’t care about who thinks what breed is best. I don’t care if your dog caught 100 foxes last year. I don’t care if your dog caught 5 foxes last year. I care about my own dogs that Iv bred by myself, that work what I want them to work when I want them to work, that answer to no one but me and love to impress no one other than me. I care about keeping my own blood lines going by means of meeting like minded people who doesn’t have to tell the world about how good there dog is, I care about keeping what Iv got in my kennel going for generations to come. Nothing more nothing less. That’s the only people I want to hear from.
  5. I think wales has a good number of working Russell’s. I’m in the south east myself. Which part are you from wales 1234? Message me
  6. I don’t know where this misconception comes from that lads are only using black dogs. There’s plenty of white dogs about. Doesn’t have to necessarily be pure jack rusell just mostly russell blood. Iv got my own I’m just looking to get to know anyone who works them for future reference to carry on my lines as I only have 4 dogs in my pack, no bitch. Perhaps I’ll have a days sport for them also. If there not an arsehole.
  7. Anyone here in the south of wales with Russell’s?
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