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  1. Pup is coming along. It’s been warm for our area this winter so the coon really aren’t denned up, been a lot of 1 & 2 coon days with us getting into a bunch (7) one day. Cold spell is coming however so hopefully we can get some work in middle of next week
  2. The guy was pretty old 5 or so years ago. He had some that were pure bred (I think) he was using as decoy dogs for coyotes, but the dogs kept just killing the coyotes instead of bringing them back. He had some he bred down with terriers (if I recall correctly) and was using to go to ground. Old governement trapper specializing in wolves.
  3. Last really good ones I’ve heard about were in South Dakota, USA. Not sure if the guy is still around. Can do some diggin if you’re interested
  4. Beagle pups we start on rabbits we just get them around rabbits. I don’t know what it’s like where you are but we have some good county parks that are mowed with wooded edges, early mornings the rabbits will be right on the edge there. Take the pup out and let him see them, then smell them. Every day you can just keep on it. They’ll figure it out quicker than you think. Lots of praise and make it fun.
  5. I’m talking with a friend with dogs. Might bring a few.
  6. Just found a lady interested in getting rid of some rats. The pup is 8 months and done nothing but obidience with him, general consensus on if it’s too soon to introduce him to a yard of rats?
  7. Wish it could send you some of ours. Rivers finally clear enough to fish and we have two days of rain forecasted. That being said a lot of game around. Few Fox I’ve seen with mange, but I have at least two more confirmed healthy (for now) near by. Plenty of raccoon and just found some real spots for ground hogs. Pup should be able to get some time in over the winter in barns and we will see how spring is for putting him in earth
  8. That’s the info I have on them with regards to breeding. I was gonna wait for his next litter after the one referenced here (an accidental breeding) but jumped at this one after seeing the sire hunt.
  9. Can’t get him to stand decent for a pic to save me. Just over 8 months
  10. I stole it. Don’t want people to give me credit for something I didn’t think of. Can’t remember where or when I saw it however
  11. Why not just get dogs from guys over here? To hell with the PED. Go out with guys and hunt, if you like their stuff get a dog. If the dog turns out great, if not so be it. I knew no one with dogs. Called a random guy near me and he took me out. Showed me his dogs. Explained their faults and what he liked. Explained why he bred what he did. Couldn’t ask for more. Since I’ve met a few other guys who have been nothing but help. Just work your dogs. If you do that the rest will fall into place
  12. Ours stay in the house due to neighbors. Especially with terriers I would think the last thing you need is someone spotting them after hunting. That, combined with a string of stolen dogs in our area and it’s not worth the risk of leaving them out. Plus having two hounds that basically sleep all day helps. That being said me and my fiancé are constantly looking for land in the country where we could have a kennel. We don’t mind the dogs but occasionally they’re annoying. I do think there is something to be said for having more of a connection between oneself and the dogs if you sp
  13. MN. Biggest ones I see (in my opinion) are late summer/fall/early winter. Fat and great pelt. Seems like all the ones trapped and hunted then are big. That’s not to say that the tail end of winter they are all small but I find more small ones then IMO. Who knows, getting this terrier thing going I might change my tune. Could be just the ones we stumble across later in the winter with the beagles aren’t the best or brightest. The 6 or so I got with terriers last year were 20 lbs or so I’d say on average however
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