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  1. pipa

    Do you own these?

    1. popps


      No mate I owned the blue dog till 9 month was gonna keep him but the wife was on my case too many dogs they are off 2 litters out of milk and cookie a fellas from Sheffield come to pay deposit on the black and white pup and seen him and bought him aswell just got started last season and has done everything apart from fox

    2. pipa


      What breeds in mix?

    3. popps
  2. popps

    Pups wat I bred from mylo both 26 inchIMG-20181114-WA0003.jpg.cf7c10074dce2f570c08181c89cc8cca.jpgIMG-20190116-WA0009.jpg.ebaef71dc308b36ae7075dfa255aefa0.jpgIMG-20181227-WA0006.jpg.6a73059840ce21d74ebc7483656b5d1e.jpg




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    2. pipa


      Nice them mate, has the grey dog been stripped ? 

    3. popps
    4. popps


      Cookie and mylo got em both off u ugog me 2 pups and kept 1 that's her and milo

  3. Prey drive is everything to me In s dog so for me the little percentage of terrier in mine is good for me Weato or beddydone wat I've asked over the years everyone is different to what they want but a few lads on here seen my dogs work
  4. 7 year old 24 inch here's last years of spring he throws big pups
  5. Beddy whippet collie greyno saluki tho
  6. Another 13 month old now smart dogs if I do say so myself and he's doing well
  7. All rough coated dogs all turned 26 27 inch and bitches 22 to 24 both sire and dam 24
  8. And litter brother 10 months old on this pic also 27inch hope bostock doesn't mind this his his dog
  9. Where did u get your dog from cause I bred a litter but they will of been 12 month on the 27 of Dec
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