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  1. Cheers Walshie, thanks for the advice. I take it the best course of action would be for him to apply and just ask his FEO and see what their opinion is. There seems to be a lot of variation depending on where you live in the country when it comes to getting your certificate.
  2. Hi guys, Had my interview today and it went better than I could've hoped so hopefully I'll have my certificate this side of Christmas, which is all good. I was chatting to my brother about it afterwards and he said he was doubtful that he'd be granted one as he works away abroad for 3 months at a time. I said I would imagine that he'd be ok and could, possibly, store any guns he had at an rfd or put them down as shared with either myself or my dad so we could keep them looked after while he was away. I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience of this o
  3. Nice one lads, cheers for the advice/stick in equal measure
  4. Ha you know what I meant. I've never even thought about it before to be honest, just always assumed that they made the mounds at night. Why would they only pop up in the gaps in the patio and not anywhere on the lawn though? The only encounter I've had with them is on a football pitch we used to play on and it was covered in mounds so I just thought that there would be a load on the lawn too?
  5. First f all, please excuse the weeds in the patio! It's a rented house and we were on top of them in the spring but it's been a busy summer. Can anyone here help identify these mounds? They have appeared in the last two days in gaps in the patio that the Mrs had planted succulents in to smarten up. First thought was a mole but the huge lawn is untouched and the trouble and strife is positive that one of the mounds appeared between lunch time and 3pm today, I had always assumed that moles were nocturnal? Could it be rats? I haven't got te first clue about this so I look forward to being
  6. They were honey bees, local bee keeper has taken them. Apparently he was quite impressed that they were a wild swarm.
  7. As the title says, we had a large oak bough come down in the storm last night and the resident bumbles have now taken up refuge in the garden. Let me know if anyone knows someone that is interested, in the mean time I'll keep looking on goole lol Cheers GaZ
  8. GaZMaN888


    I believe in God and Jesus. It took me a long time to reconcile my faith with some sort of scientific basis but after reading a series of books by a bloke called Lee stroble that looks a the evidence for Christ, faith, a creator etc from a criminal investigator point of view I can happily say I believe. I don't go to church and I don't discuss my faith with people unless I'm asked directly because as far as i am concerned it's between me and the big man upstairs. Interestingly both my brothers are 100% atheist and think you must be nuts to believe in any God.
  9. Do you only burn wood or do you burn coal as well?
  10. Does anyone have any tips for using a multifuel burner to heat a house and provide hot water? We have applied to rent a house with one but I've only ever lived in a house where the wood burner was a nice option to have. The house has an emersion heater for if we need hot water at short notice and the shower is electric so I'm not overly concerned about reliance on the burner, I just assumed the fine folk of THL would have some sage advice. Cheers, GaZ
  11. Yeah there are a few platforms being commissioned at the minute. You can do specific offshore apprenticeships or you could do what I did and get a relevant trade/apprenticeship and experience onshore, then worry about trying to get offshore once the price of a barrel of oil rises back above the cost of a KFC family bucket. I'd look at national grid, power stations and petrochemical apprenticeships if I were you. GaZ
  12. Not doing too bad ta Rake, I've just left a 2/3 job to go 2/2 commissioning so we'll see how it goes lol. You gone 3/3?
  13. Instrumentation technician offshore
  14. A friend's wife looked into getting a tumble tots franchise and it's over £20k start up costs! Then there was an annual fee and the soft play equipment was charged extra on hp. I'm assuming there cheaper ways of going down that route though. GaZ
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