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    Deerhound/greyhound/tiny bit of bull .<br />Also a whippet, taking them running after? and catching?Also saluki/grey,and the missus terrier.<br />Making stuff from oak.walking,longbow very amateur,travelling Ireland.

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  1. Hello, like your whippet, my old lad off Mike Brown died old age 13 in july,hard as nails,up for anything everything, no terrain put him off, brambles, nettles, anything.Mike stopped breeding hurt his leg, lovely guy.Trying to find a pup from Sooty Sam and laguna line, like the old feller,would you know of anyone that would have pups available or any likely in the future, be very grateful , thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently lost my old mate, at 14,whippet boy sooty sam lines, worked like a trooper , .Feel completely lost without him, anyone know of pups going anywhere, any help much appreciated.
  3. Hi, have you more information on parents, height etc,thanks.
  4. Hi there , been looking for this breeding since my old boy died last year, are they born, or what age etc, any chance you could put me in touch, many thanks.
  5. FUJI, dont change anything, the pictures are absolutely brilliant,you've captured clearly every detail, wish I could do half as well well done, by the way your dogs are fantastic lookers.
  6. yep, same as me, I dug the hole, put him gently in covered him, and couldn't see the path up the garden because of the tears, he was my best mate. won't ever get over that one.
  7. Matt, so sorry mate. It happens to lots of us, he was a great looking dog, its really hard, that trip to the vets but somehow you know when the dogs time is up, nothing helps, just think of the good times and that he wouldn't want you to be miserable, and that he is no longer in pain, 10 is a good age.
  8. haven't been there since 06, then there was everything everywhere, been quite a few times, it used to be brilliant hope it gets better for you, the weather rotten mostly everywhere.
  9. know what you mean, when mine laid up its depressing,just hang on in there they usually get better, feet can be a pain though, specially here in kent we got everything covered in flints and why do farmers insist on putting barbed wire on top of fences, it should be banned, blame the americans for it they invented it whippet with a paper cut from top off shoulder to knee, like he'd been skinned, took him to the vet and was asked how big my cheque book was, brought him home and he cleaned it up himself,ripped all the stitches out first, he's hard as nails.
  10. mine was deerhound dad x greyhound with bull way back in breeding of bitch, was I lucky or what, he was a star and took anything, he didn't need anything else in him 13 when I had to have him put down october 15,don't think there would be anything else as good,he was a rock.
  11. good for her mate, brilliant pics, wish we had some bunnies here in kent, everything seems to have disappeared except badgers and buzzards
  12. you lot are so lucky to see a rabbit let alone catch one, last couple of years here in Kent they have all but disappeared, makes a very bored dog.
  13. Yep dogs every time, they are never so demanding as a female, and so much more a one track mind when on to something.
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