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  1. Hello dave, I had her off jim when she was 6months she was to small for him but with my terriers she was awesome for a bolter. She was hard and had plenty of heart. I would love another. I looked and looked but cant seem to find any.
  2. Guys I dont care if something is better etc all I wanted to know was is Powell still breeding them if not who is. I appreciate all your comments etc.
  3. Yeah I know what you mean , I've dug mine out more times then some of my old terriers.. Ha ha ha. But she would be up to it locked on and draging it's fat ass out..
  4. If it's a terrier yes I have.. lurchers if I wanted a bull Wheaton then yes but I haven't seen a dog with as much game as mine had to this day. For the size of it it didn't lack a gear it lacked stamina..
  5. Ha ha don't have his profile..Lol @Mr powers only photo I've got on my phone..
  6. Ha ha ha.. to be fair though she was the real deal..
  7. yes they did but I use stronghold regularly or advocate. so it was a yeast infection then. diet plays a big part in that, treatments ive herd of include yougart and washing with cider vineger, have you tried looking on the net for other peoples experiences in treating it? no I haven't but I will try thank you.
  8. I had a problem with her and her skin she had malestisia and antibiotics cleared her up so I put her on pero working dog food which she loves and cleared up her skin I've taken her back since the food about her ears but because the antibiotics didn't clear them up they said it wasn't that. I've removed all straw from the kennels and now use cow matting. Thanks for your quick reply.
  9. hello my bull whippett has scabs and bald pastches on her ears ive taken her to two vets and they dont know what it is i know they hurt her as she screams if you touch them, antibiotics dont clear it up just the scabs fall off and i wash her ears twice a week in hibiscrub or malesaeb but to no avail. thanks for your time..
  10. harkila pro hunter Depends what you want it for. I bet your missus doesn't know that you said your not bothered how much Cheers mate. D. ha ha ha no she dont..... its all my extra work....lol..
  11. lowas are good but the soles ie vibram commandos wear down well quick..
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