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  1. 7 month old just starting to learn the ropes
  2. Use to like him for what he became but I hope kabab ends his career in the rematch
  3. Would rather watch coronation street an I don’t even watch tele
  4. Poor woman looks petrified already hate men who hit women,they don’t hit men that’s why they hit women SHITBAGRATS
  5. I don’t think 50k would get most people far,BUT if used wisely and correctly with a bit of home work you could live comfortable of the profits of what 50k could bring,who knows
  6. Cracker bill,I don’t think you need much more than one of these,some of the guard dogs of today are mostly bred on looks big fat useless unhealthy bully mastiff mongrle looking things.atb
  7. Got a young bitch here looks like a whip/grey with a bit of kangaroo in the mix
  8. Was in a game fair couple years back an bumped in to afew traveller lads they had brother to my mates dog I was with,the traveller dog was tiny an light boned for the type of xs it was,they said they were there to give Jason a smack for selling them the dog,anyway bumped in to Jason later on that day got chatting,traveller lads walked past so said I said there here to give u a smack over the dog they reckon,Jayson flew over to them with his mate told them straight don’t go round saying things they can’t do,an at the end offered them a pup free of charge,can’t get fairer than that,I think the g
  9. O ye an I forgot beatle juice
  10. Comando,cyborg,the lost boys,the goonies,kick boxer,hard target,robocop ,maniac cop,best film now is THE TOWN
  11. Yes I run dogs similar bred to these,I should of killed all pups as Morton the master has stated,there useless dogs good for nothing.but most of all they give me abit of fun running a hand full of bunny’s
  12. Brilliant mack,are they all the one strain or running different strains,I’ve had a look at the t6 on the internet very good machines but very pricey
  13. Spot on that,I’m liking the carpet mat
  14. Can remember lads telling me they were in there mates house having a party drinking an on the other,the lads house it was was in work the next morning so went to bed,they reset his alarm clock changed time on his phone and clock on the wall,well alarm went off lad got up for work thinking it was half 6,quick shower breakfast waiting out side to be picked up by his boss,10 mins pass and no boss so he walk round the corner to where his boss lives and starts throwing stones at his bosses window boss opens window looks out an lad shouts come on ur f***ing late boss screams out the w
  15. When you gona take your skirt of ace Ventura
  16. Not lost none up to now touch wood,keep on top of them not much can go wrong,that’s only a fraction of the pond
  17. Found a big large woman on her back once in the middle of know where with a small dwarf guy hanging out her crack balls deep,now that was a strange site
  18. Can always remember the Waterloo cup like it was yesterday some good days an memory’s
  19. This young bitch is mostly greyhound with a drop of deer/bull in her backgroun be coming 6 month old end of month,
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