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  1. steve109

    Two Headed Calf

    Looks a decent job you made there.
  2. steve109

    Re Topics

    Tim in todays world you have to be careful in what you say through fear of upsetting someone. Freedom of speech [whats that] Keep our mouths shut and pay your taxes, other countrys depend on it .
  3. steve109

    Fecking Kids!!!

    Find out who the ring leader is, at the end of the night they all split up and go home. cure him =problem solved.
  4. steve109

    A Potential Solution To The Problem.

    Welcome to broken britain the capitol shithole/dumping ground of Europe.
  5. steve109

    Gazza Arested Again

    That's true.
  6. steve109

    Isis Beheading

    The great British empire has crumbled, this country was once feared all over the world now its become a joke. Vote chuckle brothers at your next election, they could do a better job.
  7. steve109

    Isis Beheading

    Time the whole country was made into a car park.
  8. steve109

    Ww 3 On The Way ?

    Maybe we should send them another donation
  9. steve109

    Songbird Shoot

    Lets do what the UK is good at and stick our nose into some one else's business.
  10. steve109

    Happy Birthday Your Majesty

    Tax payer save the queen
  11. steve109

    Thing You Have Wondered About

    If a fly had no wings, would it the be called a walk.
  12. steve109

    Cracking Easter Weekend....

    Me and Paulus are going for our weekly violin lessons.
  13. steve109

    I Only Wanted Some Milk.......................

    Tesco closed for a day so get it while you can...lol
  14. steve109

    Pope Francis

    Saw him in B&Q the other day, seems a decent bloke.
  15. steve109


    Everyone I speak to says the same thing about this country, Vote UKIP.