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  1. Looks a decent job you made there.
  2. Tim in todays world you have to be careful in what you say through fear of upsetting someone. Freedom of speech [whats that] Keep our mouths shut and pay your taxes, other countrys depend on it .
  3. Find out who the ring leader is, at the end of the night they all split up and go home. cure him =problem solved.
  4. Welcome to broken britain the capitol shithole/dumping ground of Europe.
  5. The great British empire has crumbled, this country was once feared all over the world now its become a joke. Vote chuckle brothers at your next election, they could do a better job.
  6. Time the whole country was made into a car park.
  7. Maybe we should send them another donation
  8. Lets do what the UK is good at and stick our nose into some one else's business.
  9. If a fly had no wings, would it the be called a walk.
  10. Me and Paulus are going for our weekly violin lessons.
  11. Tesco closed for a day so get it while you can...lol
  12. Saw him in B&Q the other day, seems a decent bloke.
  13. Everyone I speak to says the same thing about this country, Vote UKIP.
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