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  1. Bet that all the good dogs were lifted hey the cops due to the programme makers touting
  2. In other words you have a psycho man biting, middle of the night barking baastard with a jealous streak that nicks your biscuits ? Lol
  3. They don't taste muddy from clean rivers, try smoking them and them making them into fish cakes coated in bread crumbs and deep fried with sweet chilli sauce on them yum yum
  4. Sounds like the police are in trouble then too, how can they uphold the law when they don't seem to know what they are. Keep the spirits up dymented
  5. Prob sorted out by the rspca on the quiet to get people back on side after all the shit they've caused themselves. God help the dog scene if it's full of mongols like that
  6. most of them need walking stick they all seem to have a limp
  7. I liked where it showed that the pit at one time was a national symbol for the Americans on war posters like the bull dog was to us, now it's a ghetto dog, And the guy with the gun, looked like a scene from a rap song. They have been watching toooooooo much 50 cent movies
  8. these dogs were bred to be pit dogs but they can make good pest controllers too. The pit is the very reason they're created
  9. See that's what I don't like about it, once a dog is defeated it should be picked up and that's it. But I've no experience in the pit world so it's just my own opinion.
  10. Dogs have went through the roof, and with the human population growing it's only Gona get worse
  11. Bollocksyour blinded by your bollix hanging over your eyes
  12. Right in all honesty, how many of you believe that dogs were bred for a purpose should do just that? Terriers for earth work, Lurchers for catching. Collies for Shepard work etc etc? So what's the difference in the bulldogs
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