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  1. flinty

    Item sold

    Pulsar xq30f View Advert Xq38 thermal spotter like new purchased in oct last year everything works as it should comes with everything it should apart from main box £1500 Advertiser flinty Date 07/06/19 Price £1,500.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  2. flinty

    Item sold


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  3. flinty

    Galv panels

    Any recommendations where to get galv sections from looked on ebay is there somewhere better around sheffield way?? Maybe free postage
  4. flinty

    tempted to sell

    cant seem to make my mind up weather to sell my xq38f only had it since around oct last year don't get me wrong its an amazing piece of kit what price should be resale value ?
  5. how do I access the range finder option on the xq38 spotter ive done it a couple of times messing with it but cant seem to do it anymore also how accurate isit ?
  6. flinty

    Terrier / Lurcher Books

    dig deep/little dogs ? how much if you split ?
  7. has anyone ever tried one would they recommend one ? what bulbs do people recommend ? ive got my eye on one but dont want to waste my money if they not that good ... thanks
  8. flinty

    Value .little Dogs With Big Hearts

    lets have a look at this one then ive never saw one any different
  9. flinty

    Has Anyone Bellmen And Flint

    bellmen dont do ferret collars tho
  10. has anyone ever tried a bellmen and flint locator with a deben mk3 collar looked online says there on the same frequency but never tried to pair them up
  11. Still got a couple left they are 30x30 the medium ones ive been getting rid of them at £40 and when i get the large think they 36 or 38
  12. Cant do pics saying file to big send me email address is send pics
  13. Not got any pics at min will try get some up in morning ive screen shot a pic of one off ebay looks same just no bars only thing up with them are has small specs of black in when the white powder has had black or dust in it when it was being moulded
  14. ive got some one piece moulded plastic petnap whelping boxes in white they are factory seconds!!! medium and large at the minute they are only seconds as they maybe contaminated or have scratches on can come with or with out bars they have pips in the mould showing where to drill holes if you would like to put bars in yourself they can be used as dog beds as well as they are one piece and wont leak and are easy clean if you need to no more can check them out on ebay for more details these retail at £100 pluss! im open to offers on them collection worksop thanks