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  1. A small balloon sneaks into his parents bedroom and tries to snuggle into bed,but there's not enough room. He walks round his dad's side and releases a little bit of air from him,but there's still not quite enough room. He returns to his mother's side and releases a little air from her,but there's still not enough room,so as a last resort he lets some air from himself,and finally manages to squeeze in. In the morning his dad wakes him with a stern look on his face,you disappointed me badly last night son. You let me down,you let your mother down,but worst of all you let you
  2. A friend of mine went down there visiting friends.To put the bins out he had to drive 8 miles to the end of his driveway.
  3. Had a similar story when one of my dogs got bit by an adder.In the hospital for three days,not much change,then She pulled round. I'm sure your girl will be pampered for a while.Glad your story had a happy ending,good luck with her.
  4. Cracking photos. Beautiful land you work.
  5. My dog hit a concrete post going full pelt.she collapsed in the long grass but tried to get up again,looked like a scene from platoon,the amount of blood gushing out of her mouth was scary.I thought she'd burst a lung or something as bad.Turned out she had bitten through her tongue 3/4 of the way.she maybe had half inch stopping it from being completely off.Vet said I had to just let it heal,they can't stitch tongues,it went back together quite quickly but wasn't quite straight,when she drank she made he'll of a mess.
  6. She's going to be a striking dog. Very nice.
  7. Very nice,I'm getting a 3/4 whippet Beddy in a couple of months. That's about the stamp I hope it grows into. Nice photos as well mate.
  8. That's a handy looking bitch. Did they throw rough coats as well?
  9. Personally I would give the pup you have a chance to grow up. He might turn out to be what you were looking for in the first place.Just keep putting the work in.Dont rush him,enjoy his puppyhood. atb Mark.
  10. Drop Underdog a pm. He'll get back to you with any info you want. Mark.
  11. Will you get another Beddy x? This will be my first,I used to always keep collie types but had wanted a Beddy whippet as a kid,so I figured it was about time I tried one. atb. Mark.
  12. Thanks mate. It's been a good while since I reared a pup.Really looking forward to it. Mark.
  13. Nice looking dogs. The litter hasn't been born yet. I think it's due the end of this week.Check out underdogs threads,there are plenty of pics and vids of the dam called Jess. Drop him a pm,he's a nice fella. Good luck.
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