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  1. Really? The guys down here said itll be two weeks so i was just gunna buy a new one! Dunno what game theyre playing lol. It looks to me like a nylon seal in the front of the air cylinder. Where you screw the pump on.
  2. Still for sale if someone wants to make a deal !
  3. Thats right mate. Magnet in the end of the finder and it also has a keyring type magnet. I felt one of the collars was a bit tatty so made a new leather strap this morning.
  4. I have for sale my deben ferret terrier finder in hi viz orange. 16foot comes with two collars 1 is brand new. Im looking for £200 ono. Can post anywhere.
  5. Falcon fn19 8 shot in 22. Full left hand with a walnut skeleton stock. Has a couple of marks. Could do with new seals. I dont have the time to wait for the seals to be replaced as i own birds of prey and need to shoot moult food. So this is being sold to fund a new gun. Thanks jan £300 ono. 07780808681
  6. Im a bit new to the game. But surely if you had a 3/4 grey 1/4 bull that wasnt good on fox but dynamite on rabbit, better than the best rabbiting dog ud seen. Surely you'd use the dog with bull blood as a stud as your intended quarry isnt fox anyway, because its excelled in taking your intended quarry. Thats my opinion.
  7. heres my two just rescued them 12 weeks old... theres a thread on here if anyone wants to know more atb jan
  8. Cheers guys. I feel rather pleased with myself now lmao... They had their first walk tonight and played with some sheep. Theyre cracking little pups a joy to have and didnt pay sod all for em. Just happy theyre in a better place. Rescue two pups get a free cow.... Its the way forward lol. Atb jan
  9. Cheers guys i didnt think i was worthy of a pat on the back. Just felt like sharing my experience with you all. I couldnt see em live like they were. Ive seen the sire work hes a hard grafter. So should have some fun with them. Just depends on the effort put it though. Guna watch em grow for now though. Atb jan
  10. Cheers fellas they are pretty full on had no human interraction so just wanna play and play fight. Theyre coming up 13 weeks now but theyre lovely little fellas.my mrs has claimed the darker 1. Theyv started to trust us now and follow us around. They both jumped the 4 foot gate and escaped yesterday but they came straight back to us. Theyre good fun though. Guna meet the rest of my dogs this weekend. Atb jan
  11. so last week i heard of someone wanting rid of some pups 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull. i know the sire of these dogs and hes a big strong boy. anyway the weekend comes and i arrange to go look at these pups, it turns out to be a dairy farm a couple of miles away from home, anyway driving up the track we come across a dead cow with a lurcher pup stood on top of it having a good old chew. i was gob smacked to say the least... i get to the farm house with my mrs and knock on the door. and we go round to see the dogs there are 2 pups in the home made pen with a calf leg and 1 running about the farm. the
  12. there was a thread i saw last week on here on this x... hope it helps. i would of thought it would be a handy x to have. been thinking bout it myself but just rescued two 12 week old 3/4 grey 1/4 bull pups last weekend
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