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  1. FastDogz


    Cheers BN. Aye hes speedy already slow away but once in stride its like a steam train coming at you...a slate steam train ha ha
  2. FastDogz


  3. FastDogz


  4. FastDogz


    Thank you A good informative reply as per
  5. FastDogz


    30 what now??? ... oh i was expecting 28/29.. Yes hes Hancock bred. 3/4grey 1/4border
  6. FastDogz


    8 month old next week and just shy of 27tts... what height can i expect him to make do you reckon?
  7. FastDogz

    The pup 7 months old

    Cheers Bob. Aye hes a big un
  8. Hes 7 months old today. 3/4 grey 1/4 border. Confident steady dog, great in everyway can't fault him, hes hugeeee. Just reached the rebellion stage coursing down my older dogs and barking in there faces, which has gained him a few nips from my other 2 but he dosnt learn...he will steady up soon enough.
  9. FastDogz

    Collie x greyjound

    Mine. 5 months next week. 3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie.
  10. FastDogz

    4 month old

    Coming on nice. 21"tts. Listens well. Very chuffed with him
  11. FastDogz

    Is my dog a lurcher?

    No idea. But fair play on rescuing the dog, he looks happy now.
  12. FastDogz

    3 and half month

  13. FastDogz

    3 and half month