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  1. thought you stopped sending traps here steve...many messaged you but you never reply ...that's what i gather reading posts on this site
  2. new trap ideas are a bit hit and miss...very few traps that aint based on another design,and from experience there others who thought of your idea to... expensive to develop to .... good luck tho.
  3. at the time the fenn safety snare was years ahead in terms of humane capture. 25years or so on and the modern relax-a-lock snare in use country wide but even back then they were develpin snares with the fox wefare in mind
  4. i just found your email add,i message you via there in hour or so
  5. interest was in the safety snare
  6. sorry otc ,, i been band from sending pm's so it seems
  7. may be a long shot,but can any on here remember the year the fenn fox snare went into production.
  8. threads like the above do add interest in a other wise dead section gets people thinking ,gets them typing etc lol,, god im tame compared to that tho i guess
  9. self taught can 30 years,, trained can be few hours on some pest course .
  10. heritage...i agree what you say .there aint many now who run a trap line..take mink trapping for intance,can take months to catch and guess the time needed and cost involved often put many off.... fox snaring the same ....can take weeks at times ....trapping dont always get you intant results..and the time needed before hand to look for suitable set sites in a job in itselfe....my own son now runs his own little squirrel line with a dozen grippers ,11 years old and he sooner be up the fields doing so than sat in doors on the latest computer game...... i think trapping is in your blood,,,and im
  11. a few friends of mine orderd dukes ,and didnt realise it was the standard trap they orderd.. the magnum is the same as the bmi.
  12. when there war in the world ,gun crime in the cities,the old who cant heat or eat at times does a trap mean anything ??.if it kills humanly then it works and at times the power behind such traps are often the like of the people who govern..now nothing .
  13. but there again why say a clone of on the stao,?? things need to be cleared up maybe..
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