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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    1 X 50 metre longnet 1 X 25 M, both are in the same basket and there are also 10 fibreglass poles that come with. Slightly tangled. Collection only North Yorkshire


  2. View Advert 2 X longnets 1 X 50 metre longnet 1 X 25 M, both are in the same basket and there are also 10 fibreglass poles that come with. Slightly tangled. Collection only North Yorkshire Advertiser Slippery_Weasel Date 21/03/22 Price £50.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  3. Thats decent enough odds for me, I'd have a bash!
  4. Looks great Kev, how tall did she end up? what size were the rest of the litter?
  5. Another he sent through asking to put it on
  6. Hes been doing really well mate, certainly been getting out plenty unlike his uncle!
  7. I meant to put these up a while ago but never got round to it. We took the pup you bred that my mate got for his lad, out for a couple of hours with his old uncle nobhead a while back. Hes a big lump and seems to have stopped growing at about 26". Turning out really well and sharpening up nicely.
  8. Voted out but I think we won't get it. That said the polls are pretty close so it could go either way
  9. Me and my old man get on great I will muck in on anything I plastered boarded that house with him and he's useless my brothers up his own arse and only helped with the eletrics and ordered the kitchen and bathroom I'd probably do it with my old man but never my brother We all get on ok enough for the most part under normal circumstances but it was always a 2nd job for us all and stopping off at a house to do a few hours a night graft when you've already done 10+ hours at the day job was always going to be stressful. Also, having the wives involved and getting on each others nerves added ano
  10. I started a business with my brother and parents a few years back, looking to do up houses and sell them on. We did a couple up together and then ran out of steam, turns out we dont get along that well!.. We still all do our own projects separately, but for me, doing it solo was the way forward!
  11. I dont get a massive amount of free time these days but when I do, through the summer its mostly to do with the fishing either with the kayaks or the boat Other than that the garden takes some keeping on top of this time of year. So, although i wouldnt consider it a hobby, it burns a lot of time up!
  12. Ive got a ford focus estate 2.0 diesel. Cant fault it, I always have ran old cars, as I do high mileage and am too tight to loose money I dont need to! I paid 2.5k for it with 75K on the clock, have put about 60K on the clock, its rare that it drops below 50mpg, will happily cruise at faster motorway speeds and work on it seems reasonable, it also has plenty of boot space. Once its done a few more miles I'll swap it for the same again.
  13. washing up mostly, in several different places, mostly pubs. But other stuff as well including waiting on, building, decorating, cleaning. Even spent a few weeks on the back of the train at lightwater valley with a flag and a whistle, shouting at kids when they jumped off when the train wasnt stationary lol Im not sure if kitchens etc are allowed to employ kids in their early teens anymore? so it may not be as simple as kids dont want to work these days. stand to be corrected mind
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