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  1. Have used Englebert Strauss for years for my workwear, can't beat their stuff, great quality, quick delivery. Trousers etc expensive but last. Look good as well.
  2. This is what I use for my garden work. http://www.mowdirect.co.uk/echo-srm-520esu-petrol-brushcutter.html But that is used every day throughout the year that's why it's £800 pound plus. For my own garden I use this http://www.abbeygardensales.co.uk/brushcutters/echo-brushcutters/showitem-C1-SRM222ES.aspx Great wee strimmer and you can get hedge trimmer attachments etc for it.
  3. Yes agree with Sussex. I'm a gardener and use Echo strimmers, bombproof. Stihl have really gone downhill in the last few years.
  4. Sorry to hear that I remember the pics when you first got him, I had to have my springer pts last week she was 13, some dogs you just bond with and are sorely missed.
  5. The first dog I had when I was 14 was a first cross springer whippet, 38 years ago! Looking back it was shite, it opened up, couldn't catch in the open and was an ugly f**ker. It was a good ferreting dog though and an excellent ratter and busher, I probably though had more fun with her than any dog I have owned since, we would walk miles for hours and it was a success if we caught a rabbit think it was a case of the blind leading the blind
  6. Tried to seal exact same leak on my vitara failed after a couple of weeks. New sump wasn't that bad (£)although you have to drop the cross member to get it on. Common problem apparently.
  7. Yes your right you see the estate car brigade start up every spring but they are rarely there the end of winter:)
  8. Handles ok, as I said it seems normal except for the colour, I'll update on the forum how it works etc, needless to say it won't be staying if it doesn't work.
  9. Yes tiercel it was my first thought but is definitely not deaf, plays ok etc seems a normal kit except for the colouring. Waardenburgs can cause deafness but not in every case. Humans get Waardenburgs also but not accompanied by the deafness. The main clue with that kit is the four white paws. TC Interesting I didn't know that, what's the outlook for the kit then?
  10. Yes tiercel it was my first thought but is definitely not deaf, plays ok etc seems a normal kit except for the colouring.
  11. This year I bred polecat to polecat and all were like this hob I kept back. Except this wee Jill. I've kept ferrets for over 35 years and never seen this. Silver body, white head. Just hopes it works as good as the parents.
  12. Illegal unless you have appropriate spraying tickets. Sighthound i think you only need the tickets if you have employees?? am not 100% on this but its what ive been told by a fella.I dont bother with weeds at all so am not assed lolNo, you definitely need it if your spraying for reward, Pa1 and Pa6. Some people acquired grandfather rights but this was stopped this year. Your supposed to produce your ticket when buying chemicals.
  13. .........or a good sideline in compost sales ! Still need it to carry the waste though:(
  14. Illegal unless you have appropriate spraying tickets.
  15. And remember to pick up and dump green waste you need a waste carriers licence.
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