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  1. [bANNED TEXT] if you buy a decent pair of wellys you can walk for miles.
  3. have you been smoking Lee
  4. TOMO


    no [bANNED TEXT] only sally
  5. just showing my mate how to post pics
  6. Ian from trap ans snare why didn't you just send pestrid the springers instead . better than nowt
  7. pestrid why didn't you go to Killgerm in Osset , there prices arnt a deal diffrent .
  8. go to the second post down that ian has done and click on the video he shows you how to do it step by step on a short video clip mark
  9. feck me i lived in worse flats in mansfield nice kennels I.B
  10. that is a very nice looking colie xWarrener your not the warrener who sels all the films are you.
  11. thanks for the translation, hey Kiel you parants wern't related were they.
  12. i think people should be more open minded about diffrent crosses, all i care about is will it catch what i want it to, if it does and your happy then thats what counts. second pic is my bitch half way thruogh the nights work she went on to catch 36 alive and retrived rabbits
  13. flyns dead right my saluki cross didnt come in season till she was 2. also alot of greyhounds dont come in season till 2-3 years and some not untill they have finished there racing . all to do with hormones, and with some of the greyhounds being kept very fit and having low body fat, was told this by a trainer
  14. you hope his knuckles hold out, i hope his palms hold out with all that slapping
  15. was it your dog that took a tumble on the potatoe field, and by the time it got to its feet, sally had took the hare off on to the seed and killed. or was it the course after , where sally did all the early work then the other dog came back in to it and started to domminate, but then right at the end sally managed to gat a couple more turns then killed. it was a great day out and also the first time i had been in a compition
  16. my bitch has red coller on .. SALLY THANKS FOR THAT BURNIE
  17. In the dec edition of the magazine there was an advert for the dvd of the windmill cup 2003+ kippers day out all on one film. its for sale at £25, by J . Cregan , manchester. do any of you guys or girls know if this film is still for sale, as i dont have any more recent aditions of the mag. also have any of you lot seen the film and is it a good picture. the reason im asking is my dog wone it that year , and she was stolen over a year ago now so any help guys would be much apreciated. TOMO
  18. use the 0.6 if you can get them. its dificult to say how much they will cover its just down to experiance. first thing i would do is kick over all the hills in the field and come back in 2 or 3 days to see were the fresh activity is. remember weather and soil type is crucial to success
  19. but there have been some real good coursing dogs that have had tails docked thruogh accidents, and have still killed regularly
  20. had very mixed results using phostoxin, had a lot of rain last week and used it on two jobs with almost instant results. but like i say the weather was was wet and also the area i was trapping was good soil for using gas as it was a good loam. there are 3 sizes that it comes in the first 0.6 gram pellet there are 160 of these in a flask. the second is a 3 gram pellet and there are 30 in the flask ( i used last week). the third is agian a 3 gram pellet but 340 in a flask but these are for fumigation work only. to be honest this is a f*****g rippoff as you need a fumigation license
  21. TOMO


    was realy in to the body building thing up to about 3 years ago. in the mid nineties i trained with Paula Bircumshaw. ( british champ in the early nineties , also did the olyimpia.) for abot 4 years. one of things i learned was food and nutrision, thats the key. if your after size and strength. you have to eat alot. if your 15 stone , eat like an 18-19 stone man. also lift heavy as posible but with good form. we used to lift 4 times a week on a split routine workout times were between 45 mins and 1 hour. there was not much time in between sets just your partners set then str
  22. its poodle cross [bANNED TEXT]
  23. These are my two ferreting shovels, I prefer the small one its very easy to use espicaly when kneeling, its also good cos it fits inside your coat whilst mooching :whistle: and [bANNED TEXT] anybody says owt i do dig , just not when im out with others
  24. i cant belive so many off you take the rabbit out of the net to kill it. chinning a rabbit in the net is very quik and easy method. if you use a long net you will quikly master this method as trying to get a live rabbit out of a long net when its well tangled is not easy. get some one to show you how to chin in the net you will be glad you did
  25. TOMO

    ferret food

    wellsaid millet i have never fed dried , hole carcas all year round . natural diet is best
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