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  1. Thought he was full of shit.
  2. Is it strange that pro.moneyweek.com is hosted by a different company than moneyweek.com? Genuine question....
  3. Can anyone find the video if you go on to moneyweek.com and look for it through there?
  4. They are innocent until they're proven guilty by a fair trial, that's how civilised democracy's work. As has been said, if he has done something wrong then put him on trial, it's as simple as that. We are no better than the savages in Afghanistan if we turn a blind eye to this.
  5. Why's that? He is trying to help an innocent man who's being detained without a trial. A paki living in our country isn't innocent. The sort of retardedly dumb reply I'd expect.
  6. Why's that? He is trying to help an innocent man who's being detained without a trial.
  7. Strange one, as he has never seemed to me the attention seeking type, and I was under the impression he wanted out of the lime light and was sick of comedy etc. I suppose it will raise a bit of awareness for the cause he is supporting, but he isn't going to achieve anything through it.....apart from getting hungry
  8. Hob&Jill


    Fair enough, I'm just getting into the building trade so perhaps I'm a bit more naive/enthusiastic In 20 years my views might be different
  9. Hob&Jill


    Least you're in work, and doing something to keep you in work. I'd jump at the opportunity to do a qualification like that.
  10. His name was Lee Rigby.
  11. Wait to see if it actually happens, probably just sensationalist bullshit from the sun.
  12. That's what most birds look like after I've got the old Python out on 'em.
  13. He can't go Malt, I just simply can't imagine a THL world without him
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