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  1. how do i delete my profile????
  2. And who says this is the same bitch you f***ing fool???? BTW the sire is only 18 month old and a pup himself this litter was an accident and any 1 who has spoke to me or been interested in the pups on my last post will tell you the same, 1 bitch out the litter has been sold to a bloke from Scotland and i told him the age of the sire and exactly what happened so instead of giving it the big ask the questions! wont be coming on here again now anyways full of absolute idiots.
  3. cheers for the positive comment lads appreciate it! honestly some people dont know what they talking about, my dogs get better looked after than me, fair to say the bitch is under weight but like i said she just had a litter of 8 pups and all i can do is try and get the weight back on her, tell you what i will do is soon as the bitch is fit and back to her self is put a pic on and show these negative comments up! dam and sire are 23-24tts yes i own both parents and who ever comes to view the pups i will be happy to show them the rest of my dogs, now instead of bitching on get back to your own lives and concentrating on your own dogs.
  4. A think you will find my dogs are feed on good stuff and get plenty of food, like a said no timewasters if you aint interested don't comment, does the dog look short of food?????
  5. the bitch had just had a litter of pups days before the pic was taking, what do you expect??? the bitch is wormed regular and fed on tripe and biscuits!
  6. I want 1 of these could you message me details on what i have to do and i will buy 1 thanks.
  7. Sent my number threw private message people, yeah they should make good alrounders, both parents are strong fast dogs, cheers mate, 2 bitches now sold, 5 dogs and 1 bitch left.
  8. I will upload some asap lads and y dont you mind your own buisness and pester some 1 else, like a said no timewasters!!
  9. Dam saluki bull greyhound sire saluki wheaton greyhound/bull greyhound, both parents are good working dogs and breed from good stuff, pups will be ready in 5 weeks but deposit will secure pup, 5 dogs 3 bitches for sale, all blue and blue brindles and looking very strong and well, dogs £100 bitches £120 to ensure good homes.l no timewasters please! County durham area!
  10. bitch is now sold thanks for the interest lads!
  11. hi could [BANNED TEXT] please tell me how to uploads pictures?
  12. shes done abit day anorl mate, i take her out early morning alot.
  13. how do i put pics on my profile??? thanks
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