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  1. Got a well bred whippet bitch and she sings like a canary . Treated her with cotton wool gloves and it didnt make a difference . I think its a case of some do and some dont . Are you feeling lucky ????
  2. looks well but the box aint big enough
  3. mikey brown whippet - 13 months. bought the dog at 7 mth old from someone who had him from mikey brown. very good lamping and ferreting dog. got a good nose on him. all round good dog. lovely looking whippet,
  4. thats what i like back at straight away good luck and speedy recovery
  5. saluki cross , bull cross , collie cross , bedlington cross , its hard finding a genuine dog with all the shit thats been bred and peddled at the moment. i would nt worry about the cross as long as its bred off genuine working stock and then still it might fail at the first fence. keep trying no matter what cross and good luck
  6. I Had a dog who suffered with bad feet, ended up having a toe removed off both front feet. Did nt seem to bother it one bit . get it done then give her a chance , good luck
  7. Got a six weekold hob if your interested, im in west yorkshire
  8. Shame about that pup, if id have got the room id have snapped your hand off and bought it hope all goes well for her
  9. running a dog doubled up usually ends up with one dog taking all the hammer . let him handle them single handed and he may end up learning a technique
  10. them shot fox s take some killing , as long as hes pulling them i would nt worry, killing can come with experience bt then again not . good luck
  11. puting on for a mate, he as a 6 month old bitch for sale . deerhound/ greyhound x bull/greyhound west yorkshire 24" broken coated pm me for more details £150
  12. youve lost me on that one i think a lot of people under estimate the actual running ability of the fox , they take some catching day or night
  13. were do i get a copy? i want to see what everyones ranting about come on lads
  14. i always like to get them going in small warrens first. As soon as they start getting connected with the bunnys it should nt take long for the penny to drop. Good luck
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