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  1. Aye I e been there a few times, been offered jobs out there, so we are off, but don't want to stop working my dogs, so would just like some info
  2. I am moving to South Africa and would like to get in contact with anyone in the game that or pint me in the right direction I own deerhounds n want to keep them working any help would be great
  3. Cookland bred my four year old dog
  4. Cheers pal, gonna give her a run or two soon
  5. Cheers pal, my dog does me well so hope she has it in her to I like the way she is acting mooching very alert so fingers crossed she proves it to me
  6. One year old n learning loads hope she turns out well in the field
  7. He is spot on mate, no world beater but dose the job he needs too get his quarry,, cheers pal
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