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  1. It should be your god given right if sound of mind but suffering beyond the realm's of your being, you should not be forced to live out the rest of your days in pain & indignity,
  2. As long as you don't cross swords, go for it.
  3. The heritage of dogs, is a good read by Colnel David Hancock,
  4. I bet her breath is rank.
  5. Even though there is a moon it's very cloudy with a good breeze, but I'm about to get picked up for work, bollocks!!
  6. If you think you could do better, I know there are shedloads of good boxing clubs all over Northern Ireland. Like I've said - give it a try ! Have a go with a professional boxer, then see what you think !! Even a spar with an amateur would be an eye opener (or closer).
  7. Whenever the wife & myself go to America we take 1 suitcase with clothes we aren't too bothered about keeping and bring new gear back in its place. The upside is the maids on minimum wage probably get use out of the stuff we've left.
  8. I wonder if Bull X owners think fox's weren't caught before the Bull X became so popular, years ago a big percent of lurchers were collie X,
  9. and if its a woman driver? Stitch some balls on, that'll learn her. :-)
  10. Is the sponge raspberry or strawberry?? Cushty with a cup of scowdy.
  11. I wish Gareth Bale was English, we'd beat brazil every week. LOL!
  12. Instead of taking it off the shelves and probably burning it (wasting it), why not put a sign up saying this lasagne etc, may contain horse meat then you have the choice,
  13. Crows sometimes take the eyes out of new born lambs, and obviously they are destroyed if they don't die of there Injury's, but I don't think a crow could keep up with a healthy adult rabbit even if it had they had talons. But I do agree they are horrid nasty fookers. With out a full autopsy the said coney may of had a heart attack etc;
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