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  1. rascal_2005

    Falconers In West Sussex

    I know a guy but he isnt on here
  2. rascal_2005

    No Roe But Made Do With Some Trout

    Its just off the river arun, so swam up the river. It took a small fly that was left to sink and dragged along the bottom
  3. rascal_2005

    No Roe But Made Do With Some Trout

    Nice fishing, this was from 3 of us 2 weeks ago, with a little suprise where abouts did you go?
  4. rascal_2005

    Samick Lightning 50Lb Bow And Kit

    Gone bud
  5. rascal_2005

    Hw 100 22 Cal

    Where are you bud?
  6. Got a pair of brand new snicker holster work trousers her, in bark blue. Made a mistake when i brought them and forgote to change them. Size 38 waist 35 leg £40 they are yours
  7. Hi guys. People seen to be going wild for the LED lamps lately but i dont understand what the difference is in the types. (T20, T38 etc?) Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. rascal_2005

    Hare Mount...

    The colour matches his personality
  9. rascal_2005

    Hare Mount...

    Some git has nicked your door
  10. rascal_2005

    Fox Control With A .22

    Because people on forums say no! Reason becomes very clouded on forums!!!
  11. what species of cat was it rascaland what was your mate doing out with it ? lampin Big cats roaming around this little Island of ours?! HEHEHE It was a long way off. Was real dark in colour. Not as big as a panther type cat but much MUCH larger than a moggy. Watched it jump a 5 bar gate from about 3 foot away and clean over the top and over the other side.
  12. Seen a big cat with a hunting friend of mine
  13. rascal_2005

    Time Machine/event In History.

    This has made my year!!! Bravo this man!
  14. rascal_2005

    Leggy Russell...

    Mavis does well.