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  1. I know a guy but he isnt on here
  2. Its just off the river arun, so swam up the river. It took a small fly that was left to sink and dragged along the bottom
  3. Nice fishing, this was from 3 of us 2 weeks ago, with a little suprise where abouts did you go?
  4. Got a pair of brand new snicker holster work trousers her, in bark blue. Made a mistake when i brought them and forgote to change them. Size 38 waist 35 leg £40 they are yours
  5. Hi guys. People seen to be going wild for the LED lamps lately but i dont understand what the difference is in the types. (T20, T38 etc?) Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. The colour matches his personality
  7. Some git has nicked your door
  8. Because people on forums say no! Reason becomes very clouded on forums!!!
  9. what species of cat was it rascaland what was your mate doing out with it ? lampin Big cats roaming around this little Island of ours?! HEHEHE It was a long way off. Was real dark in colour. Not as big as a panther type cat but much MUCH larger than a moggy. Watched it jump a 5 bar gate from about 3 foot away and clean over the top and over the other side.
  10. This has made my year!!! Bravo this man!
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