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    I'm a full time fight coach based in Nottingham . Boxing k1 .kickboxing .BKB. Terriers.lurchers.falconry. Taxidermy. Digging . been doing taxidermy in my spare time for 32 years .love anything to do with outdoor persuits apart from shooting ( I could nott hit a cows arse with a banjo lol )
  1. A bit confusing. Is the lurcher show starting at 1230 as above or 1030 as above? We are coming a long way and don’t want to miss the show
  2. I have been for the last 3 years it gets smaller every time
  3. Ok guys how many of u went to chatsworth show with or without your lurchers and what was your thoughts of the show ?
  4. Just a quicky lads I'm a taxidermist from Nottingham and probably no most of the laws .when u find a badger so we're just u your head when u take it .its not illegal to take a badger of the rd but u have to tell yourself how the badger got there in the first place ? Let's say u take it home in good faith then have it mounted then the RSPCA se it in your house they could take it for exray ? Then se bullet marks in skin or bite marks from dogs or hit buy a sump on road witch it fine .so just be a bit weary lads when picking one up ok lads
  5. U can. Pick otters up of the road as long as u fill in the license form defra send u about were it came from ie , city.town street or lane post code and how you found it .they normally ask take them for ex ray but for taxidermy uses must be sold with th,e license .
  6. I have a few old buck buy chris stoats I could send it u if it helps u .thers some fabulous books and information online as well
  7. I'm a taxidermist from Nottingham and I think u have done a lovely job rob.its verry imaginative well done pal
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