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  1. cheers Davey he's a delight to own I missed out on a pup off first litter and ended up with a bitch out of razor very similar looking
  2. Brambles that is a stunning pup
  3. Love seeing a pup relies what it's bred for
  4. Aaron why ???? You sound a nob
  5. I won't own a pure white dog , but any other colour is fine I'm the one who has to feed walk and house it
  6. 6 month old 15-1/2 16 inch to the elbow nice big dog 30 tts
  7. Real nice litter and fast straight line ideal for what there were bred for ,
  8. Yes mate my mate took her , bonnie her name is big strong bitch that done very well she must be 7 now and the old boy still gets out with her but I haven't seen much of him after falling out with his lad
  9. Wrong bloke mate my dog was out of shame litter as charpolski bitch
  10. done it with all my dogs and it's not a bad guide try it see what you think
  11. Cheers mate I was thinking camp sites routes etc
  12. When he gets to 6 months measure floor to elbow and double it that's what he will make
  13. Fill it with your favourite sausage meat wrap with Parma ham and roast it add your roast veg job done
  14. I've just ordered it mate !! I'll let you know what it's like it's called the story of star
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