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  1. This is a Nuttal/Wheeler pup i got off Rock from on here, He was a year old the other day, I'm well pleased with him so far.
  2. Was that the little ginger kid who turned into a dog?
  3. Shouldn't the bird been in control of he dogs to start with?
  4. That was when i was young, I've grown up since then lol.
  5. Do people not brush their teeth these days?
  6. Who Earth?..I he was an old weirdo that used too come on here..........think hes in mourning over the Jimmy Saville scandal....he loved that man, right from childhood!! Yes Earth he's a good creature!
  7. Does the saddle sniffing not work like I told you before? Tried it but didn't have a good side effect ....................................... Yeah too much can give a Savile effect!
  8. I wouldn't worry about it mate, I'd swear my wife is making words up as she goes along with some of the things she says sometimes! LOL Would you be so kind as to Ask your lady what brammer means mate, see what she says?
  9. Does the saddle sniffing not work like I told you before?
  10. I've not read that or the battered by a disabled bloke one. I seen loads of pages to it and couldn't be arsed.
  11. I shall remain suspicious lol.
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