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  1. Another Spartacus bred dog I had another great working dog
  2. I had a son of flint was a great dog picture flint left side son on right my dog!
  3. Thats great news have sent dogs over and got a lot of dogs in through Donal over the years ran a great service!
  4. Got mine from the man himself at the hunting festival used it for the first time last thursday, well worth the money really great at a hard dig! roll on next season!!
  5. Was hunting on the Monday,Thursday and Friday plenty of foxes about and the hunting was good all hounds were a credit to their huntsman!
  6. Looking forward to the hunting hope weather is on our side for the week!
  7. YES most definitely 100% working no time for non working terriers of any breed.
  8. My type of lakeland terrier, old Midleton type great worker.
  9. Who is judging the terriers on Sunday please ?
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