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  1. only having a wind up lads Ill meet you all at wee Barrys show and whoever wants to fight me can fight me and the ones who want an oul craic can do that Sorry Margaret you do a good job ive never met you but you remind me of my ma inlaw and thats not good lololol Ill speak to you to and thats a promise as i have everyone wound up to the bollox lolol Hi Ho off to work i go to pay for all you spongin oul effers WNM
  2. must say id like a crack at this Me and that knucklehead who built my wall could take you lads on next year all in good fun
  3. nope they are ran in 4 or 5 we watchetd at here before Uphill good pull
  4. albert i won an eyespy on the way to maccydees sunday teatime thats all lololol oh and a "stick the van in the tyre track" cup
  5. Thank you for a great report on your day, evrything but what direction you wiped your arse lololol So glad the sun was back up in that sky as sometimes it seems to just shine from dedries ass We only seen the show on sunday and missed the racin on saturday Did you forget the un21 result or was there not any racing them Glad there was no squabblin as it seems quiet which is good Albert me new pal i did speak to you also my wife thinks you are a bit of an ol cad Well done with your show we plan to stay for both days next year
  6. puppy championship is a separate item surely so how the hell can a 7 mth old pup be in a show final Veterans are always 7 and also by themselves and i dont recall seeing them in finals which i think is right unless you do away with that class Pigsy who do you mean with the "harping on is there a veteran class" ?
  7. oh blue dog ? like her mums ? its like "the spy who loved..herself" lololol
  8. abertj is a straight organiser Dont forget money has to be made here but im sure hes been very handy with the freebies Im sure if i asked for a ticket hed give me one...is that not right albert ?
  9. anybody know what day and time the lurcher and terrier events start at ? wnm
  10. bluebell why do you wear sunglasses for your own pix when you do not wear them till then is there sun shinning of the camera ? did your hub start any fights today or was he arguing as usual Great day had by all but disapointed in the turn out was there another big show on somewhere else ?
  11. well noticed pigsy lolol funny how a report comes atfer a win maybe she wasnt there so dont jump in on deirdre !
  12. was there only 18 people at it ??//? lololol sounded like another belter day was there anyother whippet people there or were they at the real whippet show ?
  13. here here Mr Tim Wonacott lolol well my family and me will be there albert
  14. Holy Mary how did this get to peoples looks and riding :blink:
  15. i have to say Albertj looks great when hes on tv especially Bargain Hunt Thjis guy knows about antiques too dont you know lololol ! " But dont tell the opposition"
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